Toby Young Wikipedia edits

Spectator columnist and Telegraph blogger Toby Young has spent hours removing embarrassing information from his Wikipedia page in a sustained campaign of edits lasting more than six years. After denying bigging up his parliamentary prospects in an anonymous Spectator diary column earlier in the week, we had a bit of fun trying to get Young to deny writing about himself in the third person.

We did this because we know that that he has made 200 edits to his own Wikipedia page over a period of six years. Young reckons he can get away with this because he is doing it from an account called “Tyoung8” and sometimes uses the first person pronoun in his edit summaries:

So Scrapbook had a poke through his edits, whereupon it became clear he had a habit of attempting to censor embarrassing information — even when references to sources are supplied. This is a breach of Wikipedia rules.

His full edit list can be found here. Do let us know if we’ve missed something.

  1. You should rewrite the wikipedia page on him and include again the things he has deleted (and more!) Would be great if you used the knowledge you’ve gained writing this piece to make a better wikipedia article

  2. This bloke reminds me of Martin Amis: a Booker nominated internationally acclaimed author, included in The Times list of “50 best authors of all time”, who wrote his way out of the shadow of a famous father. I understand Toby Young had a father who was quite well known too.

  3. Hammersmith tony says:

    really looking forward to Toby young’s electoral campaign.

    specifically the part where he fails and shows himself to be the self-important fool he is.

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