Toby Young naked

“Toby Young has rattled some Labour cages by publicly mooting a bid for the Tory nomination for Hammersmith”, reports the Spectator’s Steerpike column in a post which bristles at a Labour spad for mocking Young’s nascent foray into electoral politics.

While the Speccie website disguises the provenance of Steerpike columns on, the same cannot be said for Google, which claims that the author of the post plugging Toby Young is none other than Young himself:

Toby Young writing about himself

Scrapbook looks forward to hearing more about Toby Young’s electoral bid from Toby Young, ahem sorry, Steerpike.

UPDATE: Steerpike and Young himself have adamantly denied that he wrote the piece:

Strangely, no denial that he writes about himself in third person.

More on that later today.

  1. No fan of Young, but denying he is Steerpike in the present case is, pretty clearly, exactly the same thing as denying he writes about himself in the third person.

    I know you don’t like him but this is a touch silly.

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