Jacob Rees-Mogg

Asked about a spoof Twitter account in his name — and the prospects of him joining the social media site — walking anachronism Jacob Rees-Mogg has told the Bath Chronicle:

“I think my imposter is much funnier on Twitter than I could hope to be, so I may as well leave him to it.”

He’s certainly taken his time developing a sense of humour. In 2011 The Eton-educated MP for North East Somerset tried to get the account shut down, complaining that he found the tweets “quite tiresome”:

“I am going to look into how it can be closed down. It is quite clearly an attempt to impersonate me.”

And millionaire Rees-Mogg is not averse to calling in the lawyers. In 2010 he threatened legal action against a student who set up a website lampooning him as an out-of-touch toff — forcing the site to close and its creator to sign an undertaking not to repeat the stunt.

Stating that “I am not allowed to speak to ordinary people as it tends to upset them” the satirical jacobreesmogg.org.uk site also had a comment section with the notice: “To be frightfully honest, if I want your opinion I shall ask for it.”

Mogg whinged:

“I am quite capable of being silly without other people saying silly things for me.”

Scrapbook does concur with him on that one.

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