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Pictures of EDL members posing with submachine guns and his own two convictions for assault don’t deter Tommy Robinson from his Through-the-Looking-Glass fantasy of a peaceful, non-racist street protest movement:

“If we get the chance to show that we are non-violent, their whole picture of us an evil force will crumble”

We only need look to the courts this week to see why this will be something of an uphill struggle.

EDL activist Josphe Guite (centre above) has admitted wounding after smashing a man in the face with a ceramic mug. His victim now bears a scar as the result of a 5cm “deep laceration” which a judge described as “a wicked looking wound even when repaired.” Guite has a previous conviction for a public order offence at an EDL demo.

Meanwhile another EDL supporter has pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. John Claydon set upon a man taking part in a “silent protest” against the EDL march Claydon was in — giving a man a cut requiring ten stitches and two black eyes in front of shocked children. He only stopped when police pulled him off (pictured above right).

Good luck with the re-branding exercise!


  1. I have had enough I S people basket together and fight them ones were cautious danger to our country them and their families they should be put in prison the one trying to kill people they should be had that’s us British people get together and go to every mosque in the UK and let them know we are ready for us and our family and a future generation and their grandad to Nantz what I’ve done for our country and will let this happen this should stop that’s all to get together and fire in our city is no street everywhere we should get together before something bad happens to our country because he’s a rebel is in gangsters we should not be scared of these people

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