RBS business sense on failures

A galling lack of self-awareness from RBS in an email to their SME business customers. The bank — which is still 81% owned by taxpayers after being bailed out during the credit crunch — thinks it’s in the position to be doling out light-hearted tips on how to do avoid “business fails”:

“Brand guru Jackie Daniciki reveals the most damaging failures of the year – and shows how NOT to make them yourself.”

Sounding to Scrapbook rather like advice that Fred Goodwin could have done with in 2007, the failures listed will doubtless pale in comparison with the £24.1bn losses it posted a year later.

The article itself is then preceded by an introduction casting RBS in “the rest of us” who can learn from the others’ failures:

“Devastating business blunders are absolute horror shows for those involved. But they can give valuable tips to the rest of us.”

Having slashed its stock of UK loans by £6.77bn despite dipping into a government scheme designed to increase lending, perhaps such helpful articles will make up for all the money that the bank is faling to lend to SMEs that will receive this email.

Or maybe not.

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