1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    There is a celestial symmetry going on here.

    A rabid Ozzie spin liar let loose for the Tories who needs repatriation back his homeland for the public good and McTernan, a former Labour attack dug who is out of work in Oz after Julia Gillard was shafted by her own Party.

    McTernan’s immigration status is actually in doubt and I wonder if we see him on a rendition flight to Heathrow soon.

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer human being.

  2. And now the Tories have hired Obama’s campaign director Jim Messina (how much is he getting paid?). You wonder if this guy has any morals at all. Still, he is notorious for having run anti-gay adverts in Montana, so maybe not. Just another unscrupulous gun for hire.

  3. Your story does not mention the fact that a massive majority of the UK supported the “go home if you are here illegally” vans. Of course, that does not fit in with your lefty love thigh neighbour bullshit.

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