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Communities secretary Eric Pickles has a hot date on Thursday … at the High Court. As Scrapbook revealed last week, PCS are taking him to court over his union-busting attempts to drive down the number of organised staff in his department.

Pickles has shunned the opportunity to reach a money-saving deal for the “check-off” system used to collect union subscriptions from wages by following the advice of his own department and having unions pick up admin costs. Instead, Pickles has pressed ahead by, errr, hiring lawyer James Eadie — at god knows what cost to the taxpayer.

The claimed basis for these changes is saving £9.40 per month … so he hires a QC.

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how Government departments and Ministers casually and carelessly waste money on legal costs without thought to the face that it is the taxpayers who foot the bill. Whilst in London on holiday recently I popped into the Royal Court of Justice in the Strand to observe a high profile legal matter involving several government departments and agencies. The proceedings started at 10 am but were over by 10.30 am due to lack of government c0-operation. It was clear that their own barristers and legal team of advisors were not aware of the intervention until shortly before the proceedings started. The result was that the time involving substantial costs to the taxpayer of the assembled large array of legal expertise was wasted. I sat there thinking that is my money that has just been poured down the legal drain without any indication at the time or subsequently of an apology from the Minister concerned.

  2. Lampooning politicians’ ideas, fine. Lampooning anybody on the basis of their physical appearance, not fine. Imagine how the visual gag would work with, say, a black person. Or a woman…..

  3. Depends on whether you consider a tory human, which I don’t. Therefore lampooning his appearance is highly appropriate for a pig like pickles.

  4. As a PCS members paying the costs of check-off (£9.40 p/m for the whole union) is reasonable but this is not about money saving, it is aimed at limiting the impact and effectiveness of workplace democratic organisations. I do hope the MSM pick this story up this is shameful politicking and the expense of the economy.

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