Last week the Barnsley Chronicle published an article about a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts who had been assaulted after returning from a tour of duty:

“A Barnsley soldier was attacked in the street, knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stamped and kicked in the face and head – just hours after getting home.”

“The savage, brutal and unprovoked attack on the 28-year-old in a terraced street in the town centre has left witnesses shaken and horrified.”

With Barnsley’s ethnic mix, it didn’t take long for the far-right scumbags of the BNP and EDL to launch a 100% evidence-free smear that ‘the Muslamics’ were responsible for the attack:

Griffin/Robinson smears

One problem … the attackers were white!

Griffin/Robinson smears 2

Particular credit to the Chronicle for their direct rebuttal.

  1. Well done to the Barnsley Chronicle for debunking the BNP and EDLs attempts to stir up race hate.

  2. Griffin is a repugnant piece of shit. Usual suspects?

    Would he like to tweet about the drunk UK soldier who shot of his state funded weapon killing more than a dozen Afghans?

    He’s a cretin.

    Killing people is wrong, no matter who is killing and who is killed.

  3. Parts of the far-right are horrifically judgemental. The mere fact that they automatically label someone to be a ‘Muslim’ is silly. And this is a common trend.

    For example, when news emerges that some groomer has been arrested and he or his name looks ‘Asian’, the far-right jump on the story and tarnish with the ‘Muslim’ label (forgetting all the majority of white-skin coloured groomers out there).

    The perpetrator may, or may well not be a ‘Muslim’. Just because he has a foreign sounding name and a darker skin appearance does not mean he/she is one. It’s like someone saying Jimmy Saville was a Christian groomer. Silly right? This is what the far-right bigots are doing.

    It’s an irrational blame-game.

  4. Anthony Evans says:

    Very well done to the Barnsley Chronicle for showing up the BNPs and EDLs attempts to make political capital out of this. If only some of Fleet Sts. could follow the story and not just put the easy option down.

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