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While his backbench Tory marksmanship and pursuit of paedophile MP Cyril Smith have impressed some, attempts by Labour’s Simon Danczuk to defend George Osborne’s harsh benefits reforms on TV yesterday were not his finest hour.

In acrimonious exchanges — during which Danczuk launched repeated attempted ad hominem attacks on Owen Jones — the Rochdale MP backed changes which would leave many poor people at the mercy of foodbanks and payday lenders by repeating the mantra:

“we have to build self reliance amongst people”

His lack of compassion towards those finding themselves out of work is all the more surprising given his recent first hand experience of the devastation wrought by redundancy.

Having been hit hard by cuts affecting his public sector clients, Danczuk was forced to put the research firm he owned into voluntary creditors’ liquidation in June 2011 — with eighteen people losing their jobs.

Scrapbook cannot help wondering whether Danczuk’s message to his newly redundant employees was one of “building self reliance” — and whether he begrudged his junior researchers claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance.

  1. Well.

    Unless and until you have any evidence to justify publishing an article the answer would appear to be no.

  2. @Fred + Chris: That’s kind of slightly the point. You can say the same for the kicker line — of course he didn’t begrudge JSA for his own staff.

    Posing these questions serves to highlight how ridiculous it would be — and how wrong Danczuk is to play into Tory narratives like this.

  3. George Bayne says:

    I wonder if Danczuc’s “self reliance” extends to himself when filling out his expenses. Disgusting attitude from a supposedly ‘Labour’ MP.

  4. Heard this guy on R4 a few weeks back talking about welfare and he does not appear to like the idea of people getting support from the state. I think Frank Field was on that programme too. The “Poverty Tszar” was also espousing the virtues of self reliance e.g contribution based support for people who need it. I would love to know how much the insurance companies are involved in pushing forward this agenda. Something really stinks !

  5. This is where the left screw up. It’s not about left vs right , opposing every move made by the Tories to get on the BBC and pacify ideologists, then changing the position later when reality kicks in. It’s about practical management of the country and it’s massive debt problem.
    That is why Labour is not trusted by the average floating voter, and there are a lot of us now.
    They play to their own audience. That will lose the election.

    Why Owen Jones gets any air time is beyond me tbh. Reminds me of the football supporter who sits in the stand complaining about how every move the manager makes is a wrong one with no real substance to back it up. Lots of noise, no substance.

  6. Why is anyone surprised? The new labour (sic) party are not The Democratic Socialist Labour Party anymore. They haven’t been since Kinnock ejected the left from the party, under the pretense of getting rid of Militant; they haven’t been since Blair said in his maiden TV interview that he ‘…admired Margaret Thatcher and all she did for Britain’, they haven’t been since they erased clause 4, thereby wiping all references to Socialism from the party and it was obvious from their free market strategy that the Labour Party as we knew it was no more…and people STILL voted for them and people will vote for them AGAIN. Because people are so afraid of the Tories they daren’t risk voting for a more Socialist option than new labour because they ‘don’t want to vote for a party that might not win’ There are alternatives but no-one can see beyond new labour and so are surprised when nothing changes because ‘they are all the same’ An alternative will never win if the mindset is a) they are all the same or b) the xxxxxxx party will never win so I’ll vote for the lesser of two evils. I bet all people who fought for change, from the peasants who revolted, through the Tollpuddle Martyrs and up to Keir Hardie, Atlee and Bevan are getting dizzy with all that spinning they’re doing. It’s true…we deserve the government we ask for.

  7. Note to Gordon: Don’t fall for the’no money left’ nonsense. We are a rich nation with billions sitting in bank vaults and billions more tied up in property, all transferred from US the majority to THEM, the rich and powerful elites. Floating voters are easily manipulated by the media who do not, despite what they calim, represent ordinay people…Jones usually has plenty of substance and facts to back his points.

  8. Damon Rowley says:

    I am with Simon Owen all the way on this one. Despicable response from a Labour politician.
    Labo0ur are so keen to grab the vote of the selfish self righteous wealthy at the expense of the people who need a traditional neighbour Government.

  9. Pehaps it’s time for those in public life, seeking a mahoosive percentage pay rise in this time of selective austerity, for whom the expenses bill is easy money and rising still, to take some of their own advice and ‘build some self reliance’, and take a paycut, lose the expenses payments, second homes allowances and move into the real world with the rest of us.

  10. Keith Chalmers says:

    My experience of independent MP’s is bad. In our local area the independent swung control of the local council which lead to threatened closures of public facilities. The people won the first round but closures are still being talked about. If there was a nationwide socialist party I think at this time they would likely gain a lot of momentum. All it would take would be dialogue between the existing socialist parties to make it happen.

  11. ghost whistler says:

    Yet another Labour traitor.

    It’s easy to say how people should have ‘self reliance’ when you get over 60k a year with the likelihood of a further 20k on top.

    Smug cunt.

  12. Danczuk’s comments are proof, if proof was needed, of Thatcher’s boast that new Labour was her greatest “achievement”.

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