Priest with dog collar

With Tesco’s Covent Garden branch prosecuted over a mouse infestation which saw critters grow to twice their normal size after gorging themselves on cake and raw chicken, conservative religious leaders know who to blame … the gays!

The national director of Christian Voice told Pink News:

“It is symptomatic of the bad management of Tesco. Any company which announces its support for gay pride six weeks before Christmas obviously can’t operate basic pest control.”


  1. dam homofobes!
    they show and re-show their irrelevance in the modern world……
    although of course with the constant crises in society, there always IS
    a place for reaction and they are there amongst the leaders!

    the national director “told Pink News”? don’t Pink News “put him straight”?
    no pun intended
    christian leaders are a disgrace

  2. Well this takes the biscuit. Here is someone who believes in fairy stories (let’s face it, that is what Christianity is based upon) propagating an even bigger piece of fantasy; namely that Tesco’s have a mice infestation because they endorsed a Gay event.

    What possible credence can you give to an organisation that promotes someone as stupid as this ignoramus to a position of responsibility.

    I don’t believe in fate or of propagating misery, but if I did I would wish this bozo long and lingering suffering; but then again that would make me as bad as him.

  3. OMG… I endorsed gay pride.

    Just as well I am an animal lover. I expect next time I go into the kitchen I’ll be met with a mouse the size of a goat.

    Oh repent ye, repent ye…


  4. Hi, christian here… Don’t mistake “christian voice” for the way most christians actually think. That organisation is a bunch of morons.

  5. On the contrary, Martin, Christianity is NOT based on fairy stories. The evangelical wing of the Christian church worldwide have insisted that the Bible is literally true. As a 67-year-old Christian I have to say that is arrant nonsense! Far too many so-called Christians worship the Bible and not the God who inspired it. That sort of blinkered belief leads to comments like the one above and, in 1987, a local group of evangelicals in the south east who saw the damage wreaked by the hurricane as God’s punishment on the greedy and dishonest stockbrokers who happened to live in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Unfortunately, my 69-year-old neighbour who was terrified our of her wits was not one of them but suffered just the same. Very few real Christians share this ridiculous viewpoint.

  6. Judith Sharrock says:

    So Ian, people who believe in the bible speak arrant nonsense? Can you tell me then, which parts of the bible fail to meet your selection criteria, in fact what criteria do you use?

    Also, if you read the whole of the article instead of reacting to the first few sentences, this organisation has not stated that gays are responsible for the mouse infestation.

    Whilst I do not agree with the article, I do believe that people should be allowed the right to express their own beliefs.

  7. Well, Judith, how about the part that states a woman is unclean for a month after giving birth, unless she gives birth to a girl in which case she is unclean for 2 months and must not be allowed to attend church?
    Or the part that claims a woman having her period is unclean and must not attend church? Or the part where the wearing of clothes with mixed fabrics is an abomination? Or gives advice on selling your daughter into slavery? IMHO, all these parts of the Bible should be given the same weight as the parts decrying homosexuality.

  8. People are entitled to express their opinions… Unless they are that stupid! Oh the madness and the sweet irony. Why would ever trust this man to give you moral guidance?!

  9. Ian Bunkum Shit says:

    Hi Judith,

    Thanks for allowing me the right to express my opinion that you are an imbecile.



  10. … Just so you know, the church didn’t exist during the time that the torah was written. It was the tabernacle/temple of the Jewish people. Of course, as we christians still hold the Hebrew scriptures as divinely inspired, there’s still a bit of a conundrum as to what to do about the passages.
    Most christians would argue that Jesus did away with those laws, in favour of a grace centred relationship.

    ps… Some christians may even go so far as to think that homosexuality isn’t a sin… Crazy eh? 😉

    pps… I’m one of them.

  11. Of course the support of gay people had nothing to do with an infestation of giant mice, the same as any other unrelated correlating factor.

    But… did everyone just gloss over the bit where he classified gay people as ‘pests’, in need of ‘control’, a euphemism for eradication by mass murder?

    At least it’s biblically consistent.

  12. Bloody gays and their ungodly ways. They caused an infestation of giant rats in the sewers of Limehouse. They were dragging people down and eating them. I had to go down their with a Chinese fowling piece. If only Richard Littlejohn was here to protect us none of this would have happened.
    Yours Angry of Tumbridge Wells.

  13. Please, people, get your facts right. Nowhere in the comment is it stated that homosexuals have caused the infestation ( he actually makes it quite clear that the responsibility lies with Tesco). He then goes on to equate what he considers to be bad management (i.e. expressing unconditional support for a relatively contentious issue) with incompetence in general, by saying that if Tesco act ( as he sees it) unwisely in one area, they are likely to fall short in others. To suggest, as ‘tryblinking’ has, that the ‘pest control’ part of the comment is intended to classify homosexuals as pests is, I believe, pure paranoia, although I also think that this person may have a lively sense of humour, and be speaking tongue in cheek!
    Speaking as neither Christian nor homophobe, I don’t even begin to understand why the need for such organisations as ‘gay pride’ exists. One’s sexuality, surely, is a simple matter of fact, with nothing about it to be either proud or ashamed of. The sooner people begin to simply get on with their own lives, and stop trying to push their preferences and biases down other peoples’ throats, the happier we’ll all be.
    Hasn’t, by the way, the ‘national director of Christian [email protected] got a name?

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