Bishop of Truro

Millionaire Tory minister Lord Freud was bashed by the Bishop (of Truro) this afternoon after attempts yesterday to suggest that charities were somehow to blame for food bank queues. As an unelected “Lord Spiritual”, the Right Reverend Tim Thornton may be a walking anachronism but this didn’t stop him from getting to grips with Freud’s outrageous claims:

“I have to say that it is a complete scandal that we have any food banks at all in this country in the 21st century. There are over 20 food banks in Cornwall alone. What on earth is happening in our country?”

He then laid into the minister’s “supply led” food bank theory — that people without genuine need were flocking to new food banks to stock up on free spaghetti hoops:

“Certainly the anecdotal experience that I have and the stories that I hear make it clear that there are some real benefit issues, which is why many people are driven to go—they do not choose to go; they have to go—to food banks.”

Conveniently enough, the government is claiming there isn’t enough evidence for the link between benefits delays and increasing use of food banks.

It doesn’t look very interested in finding out either.

  1. Annie Weatherly-Barton says:

    Good on yer Tim. Bash him again. I remember you when you were in Salisbury. Fantastic.

  2. Thorn da Costa says:

    Its like a sad, trashy 70’s disaster professy movie. When everyone was hyper aware of social collapse. You could have called it ‘Apocolypse Soon’.

  3. It’s at times like this that the hereditaries and the Lords Spiritual can show their worth: not beholden to any political party or constituency, unless they want to be, they can let rip on any subject whether the government (if that’s what we’ve got) likes it or not. Walking anachronisms they may be, but it’s speeches like this which remind me why I’m not wholly committed to an elected second chamber.

  4. Lord Freud, the millionaire Tory minister, has told the House of Lords that there is no evidence that the growth of food banks is linked to growing poverty and hunger – merely that people wish to get food for free …. … That most food banks require referrals from social services, charities, GP’s or other bodies seems to have evaded the Lord. Folk have to be deemed to be at risk and in need before they can get any food … Lord Freud is a serious f**kwit

    story in the Huffington post – Food Banks Not Linked With Growing Poverty, Says Millionaire Lord Freud –

    I’ve made an image which can be seen and shared from here on FB –

  5. Tenacious V says:

    He will see the evidence soon enough. The Citizens Advice Bureau are compiling figures of people they are having to refer to food banks. The CAB have the power to influence social policy, and they tell the powers that be what is not working!

  6. I help run a food bank.
    This Bishop understated the case.
    Lord Freud should find that long lost revolver in his mansion study drawer. The difficult thing is getting people to overcome the shame of coming to a food bank, but they are that desperate they come anyway.
    Freud is projecting his own freeloading personality onto those who have been done down due to the misdeeds of the money men.
    If he was a decent man shame should kill him.

  7. David Stolton says:

    There are always a few people who will take advantage of any situation, whether it be Foodbanks or being a member of the House of Lords. Thank Gof for men like Tim speaking for right and justice in The House. Perhaps Lord Freud would like to work in a Foodbank for a day, he’d soom meet some genuine need! And maybe he’d like to set his own House in order first before criticising a charity doing an essential job which is filling gaping holes in government welfare.

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