Simon Parkes with his drawing of his "alien" mother

A Labour councillor from Whitby has claimed that he has fathered an extra terrestrial. According to the Northern Echo, town councillor Simon Parkes rowed with his wife after he told her he had sired a baby called “Zarka” with an alien he refers to as the “Cat Queen” — who he still has sex with “four times a year”.

Scrapbook readers may remember his previous bizarre claims — that his mother was a nine-foot green alien and that he has travelled on board a spaceship.

Despite previously stated ambitions, colleagues look to have prevented bonkers Parkes from getting anywhere near the larger Scarborough Borough Council.

  1. Jill Jerram says:

    This poor man obviously has a mental health problem which strikes from time and he should not be ridiculed but regarded with sympathy…

  2. Jill Jarram, whilst I have great sympathy with sufferers of mental health conditions including this case (assuming thats what it is). however to allow a person who is so compleatly out of touch with reality, even sporadically, to hold a position of that responsibility cannot be sensible.

  3. What’s to say he’s mentally ill. Can anyone actually prove without a doubt that what he claims is not true? Just need to take his word for it then!

  4. I agree with El coco. I was only saying the other day, when I was in Shangri-La chatting with Santa Claus, Elvis and Adrian Mole, that what society is really lacking is an absolute willingness to take everything that everyone says at face value.

    Thor, who happened to be passing by with Darth Vader and a unicorn, remarked that he’d overheard Adam and Eve saying something similar whilst they were having a threesome with a conscientious, caring and generous Conservative MP.

  5. Another case of political correctness gone mad, he can’t be sacked for having mental health problems so instead we have a mental person helping to make decisions for the rest us, where’s our human rights? You give human rights to one person and in doing so it strips others of theirs. We have the right to be led by the sane surely.

  6. I would write this story off as madness had I not had contact myself.

    Brave man for going public…..I tell don’t tell anybody as society family friends would not understand and nothing positive may come of it. Imho

  7. According to Jon Ronson’s “The Psychopath Test”, the insane ARE ruling us. Psychopaths, who by their particular makeup have a reduced capacity for empathy, can rise disturbingly high in society through not giving a damn about what you have to sacrifice in order to make it.

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