Having previously called gay people “repulsive”, Ian Paisley Jr’s homophobic pedigree is not in doubt. Last night’s Question Time featured the unedifying spectacle of him goading Peter Tatchell:

“You’re entitled to get married tomorrow, Peter. You’re just not entitled to get married to a man.”

The studio audience seemed less than impressed.

  1. Isn’t he a member of the same party as Mrs Robinson, who said that homosexuals were more repugnant than paedophiles. Of course as Mrs Robinson, at that point in her 60s was having an affairs with a dead friend’s 19 year old son, behind her husband’s back, one can see the background to the direction from which her views were coming.

  2. Ian Paisley Junior was quite right in everything he said on Question Time. He was the only one of the panelists that spoke any sense on the issue of same Sex Marriage. I’m sick of hearing the liberal elite talk about how most young people are in favour of it. They’re only in favour of it because successive goverments of every political persuasion for the last 20+ years have used every means at their disposal to brainwash children, into believing that all sexual practices are amoral, simply a matter of preference; that therefore homosexual sexual practices are normal and that we should regard them as no different to hetrosexual practices. Ian Paisley is quite right to call them repulsive. As for the comments from “Trish” above about Iris Robinson, well Mrs Robinson certainly was at fault in having an affair but at it was with a man and it doesn’t negate the validity of comments she made about homosexuals when she was an MP

  3. Carl Stansfield says:

    @Beau – why is it your right to tell other people who are of sound mind what they can and cannot do? Who made you king maker? The church in this country has absolutely squat all to do with faith and everything to do with controlling the masses ignorant enough to follow the church. I am a catholic, I went to a catholic school and I am a believer in God. I do not believe in the church due to all the horrific and illogical comments it spurts out. I think you will find, you are the one who has been brainwashed into thinking 2 human beings who love each other should be restricted from that being recognised by a church which wants to recognise gay marriage. Your denomination is not being effected, I know certainly the churches in mine are not. If your denomination is being effected, maybe their views were not in-line with yours in the first place.

  4. Beau, your comment is repulsive… Not even worth going into, or. Descend to your level of sheer ignorance.

  5. Beau, your comment is repulsive… Not even worth going into, or descend to your level of sheer ignorance.

  6. The guy in the audience on QT who asked Ian Paisley what it was about gay marriage that stopped Paisley enjoying his own view of marriage had him nailed pretty well. He looked decidedly uncomfortable and it really showed him for what he is – a dinosaur.

  7. I think Peter Tatchell entering into a loveless, sexless marriage with a woman just because the Paisleyspawn thinks that’ll stop all the SODOMY (it is always in capital letters where people called Ian Paisley are concerned) does more to undermine the precious Sanctity Of Marriage than hot gay sex, in my opinion.

  8. The Paisley family – what a repulsive lot. As for Beau, your opinions take some beating. I suspect you are in favour of flogging miscreants in public. That’ll teach ’em eh?! What a nasty piece of work.

  9. He said what most normal men think, (strange that for a politician saying what he believes in) some people will not want to here that, but you can’t change facts. And tagging a label of homophobic on me, a farther, MD, employer, married, no criminal record, not even a parking ticket type of person does ot go down well, so stop saying that its me that has the problem!!!’ Believe me no problems here!

  10. I totally agree with everything Iain said on Question Time. I, too, am fed up off liberals maligning anybody who disagrees with them. Liberals are only liberal when people agree with them.

  11. Same Sex marriage is an oxymoron, rather like Microsoft Works and Military Intelligence.

    As for Peter Tatchell, he was selected as the official Labour Candidate for the constituency of Bermondsey after the sitting MP, Bob Mellish, who was Catholic, was deselected by the local party – this was in the days of Militant Tendency.

    Bob Mellish then stood as an Independent Labour candidate and took with him a huge number of the traditional Labour vote, many of whom were Catholic, and the LibDem candidate, Simon Hughes, was elected MP which he’s remained ever since.

    Maybe ZANU Labour could select Peter Tatchell as the next candidate for Blackburn as Jack Straw is now retiring, but of course, it remains to be seen what Blackburn’s significant Muslim and generally Labour voting population would make of this.

    Maybe Peter could speak to a few Imans and get them onside to put in a good word.

  12. The Lords may well strike down the Act. What fun and games we’ll have then. Cameron using The Parliament Act to overrule The Lords. Oh, what fun!

  13. Andrew Cummins says:

    I think Ian was quite right what he said on the issue of Gay Marriage. I myself have tried to look at it from other angles, believe me I have, but I always come back to the same thing, the same thing that Ian obviously does too. There was one guy in the audience who asked Ian a complete load of nonsense about whether people like Ian feel threatened, threatened about what? Ian doesn’t feel threatened and quite frankly, neither do I, that was never the point he was making anyway. Ian’s traditional interpretation of Marriage is quite correct, ceremonial partnerships between same sex couples shouldn’t be referred to as Marriage because it’s not Marriage as Ian says, and as he also says, they should try inventing another word for it. Dressing it up into something it’s not is not moral and it’s not natural. I really can’t come to a conclusion as to whether the majority are always right on controversial issues like this, but I certainly don’t condemn Ian’s comments.

  14. @ Beau – Im 23 years old and no one has forced my views on homosexuality or marriage yes i am homosexual and yes, I will carry on fighting for my overdue civil rights so that one day we as a race can stand together without discrimination or persecution for they way we are. I am sick to the teeth of people like yourself telling me how I should go about living my life. Even though I dont want to get married at the moment I support equal marriage because I know in my heart that its just and right. Im not angry with you i feel sad for you because of your level of ignorence why cant you just be happy and except people for who they are. Its about time my friend you become a bit open minded in this modern world. Peace out!! (LOVE IS LOVE) xx

  15. I am grateful to Ian Paisley for speaking the truth as I see it, and I believe that many like-minded
    people do also.

  16. sex is good! gay sex is good! marriage equality is coming whether you like it or not! hahahahaha! woo!

  17. Ian Paisley Junior was absolutely right. Peter Tatchell talks about equality before the law. In 2002 he and others, with co-operation of the police, read the grossly offensive, filthy, blasphemous poem, “The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name,” publicly in London. Despite upsetting Christian protestors who were present, Tatchell and others were never prosecuted. The rule of law, the cornerstone of democracy, was set aside by the authorities. Today Christians are being sacked and fined for declaring the truth – homosexuality and lesbianism are sins. (Leviticus 18:22; Romans l:26,27). However, we also declare that there is forgiveness from God for all sins if sinners repent and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. God does not give a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7.

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