1. “Only an administration run by a bunch of college kids, none of whom have ever had a proper job in their lives, could so arrogantly write off their own supporters”

    Said Dulwich College alumnus and former banker with Credit Lyonnais Rouse, Nigel Farage.

  2. ManwithaView1 says:

    Why are they still repeating the lie about 29million Romanians and Bulgarians coming here when there are only 26,2 million of them living in their respective countries?

  3. @ ManwithaView 26.2 million is the sort of figure fiddling one could expect from supporters of the current shower. Romania 21.39 million (2011) Bulgaria 7.476 million (2011) makes as neat 29 million as bum is to swearing to me, unless 2.8 million are here already. Even a fool can Google the above figures.

  4. @Squawker

    29 millions is a figure fiddling a la Farage& comp.
    The last census of 2011 gave 19 millions of Romanians and 7.4 millions of Bulgarians
    You have the official results here:
    All together are 26.4 millions not 29 millions
    But for Farage truth doesn’t matter, does it?
    What about those 250 000 Non-EU immigrants that settle in UK every year??? Does UKIP have a policy for them, or Farage’s obsession with Romanians and Bulgarians has taken over?

  5. Farage Plane Crash says:

    @Nils Boray: UKIP and it’s leader don’t even have a real education

    Far right chimps in Suits.

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