In the context of his detention in an Edinburgh pub courtesy of Scottish nationalists last week, Nigel Farage told the Today programme that he personally expels racists and homophobes from UKIP:

“If anyone from UKIP says anything on Facebook that is in any way homophobic or mildly racist you guys jump down my throat and demand that I condemn them and expel them from the party, which of course I do.”

But does he really suspend the bigots? When Scrapbook exposed a UKIP council candidate for comparing the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and those who defend Islam to Holocaust deniers last year, the response was not to expel her — but to back her on free speech grounds and claim she had received death threats:

“UKIP does not share her view, nor do we support it. But we do support her right to hold those views.”

Nigel Farage tweet on Julia Gasper

Here is a flavour of Some of the UKIP candidates suspended over the past few months:

  • Tony Nixon — joked about destroying Mosques and running over Pakistanis
  • Anna-Marie Crampton — posted hate group material to UKIP Facebook page
  • Chris Scotton — EDL supporter who claimed racism was “ethnic banter”
  • Geoffrey Clark — said Down Syndrome babies should be aborted to save money

Since the local elections, the party’s East Midlands regional chairman and opposition leader on Lincolnshire County Council — who boasted of his confidence of becoming an MP in 2015 — has been exposed by the Sunday Mirror for the following comments on “illegal immigrants”:

“Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.’”

The party did not suspend Cllr Chris Pain but instead referenced the, errr, epidemic of computer hacking sweeping UKIP ranks:

“we don’t hang a man until he’s proven guilty and at the moment Chris is saying that his account was hacked.”

Likewise, a new councillor who admitted posting racist material was not suspended by the party — but resigned from Worcester County Council of his own accord:

“We have not completed our investigations. Eric Kitson has not been suspended from the party.”

So does Farage really expel racist candidates — as he claims — or does he simply wait for the media to move on?

  1. Please get your facts right. The people (around 50 of them) who were barracking Farage in Edinburgh were not Scottish Nationalists. One of the 2 arrested was English. The protestors were there to show Farage that we in Scotland don’t like racist, homophobic, xenophobic liars. His being English was not, and is not an issue despite Farag’e insistence that it was an anti English rally. It was nothing of the sort.

  2. Can I just point out that Nigel hiding in a pub in Edinburgh was nothing to do with the SNP but a small left wing group of students (some of them English) led by a paid official of the Labour party. I should add that Nigel called them anti-English because they told him to stuff his union flag up his backside. Nigel obviously thinks the union flag is the English flag. (I suppose that’s an understandable mistake for a Frenchman.)

    Like many of the left wing Labour Party in Scotland, this group are for an independent Scotland, but there is a danger that in calling them ‘Scottish nationalist’, even with a lower case N, there will be a conflation with the Scottish National Party.

    Apart from that point I agree with every word of your post. These people are by and large racist, homophobic and all round pretty unlikeable humans.

  3. If I were a computer hacker, surely I’d be hacking into the Bank of England, or important government secrets, rather than just spending my days making a lame political party look even more lame. These UKIP hackers need to broaden their horizons a tiny bit.

  4. As has Clark. The others are being investigated and will be removed if found to hold such views.

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