Iain Duncan Smith in the Sun: "Liars of the Left"

A most appropriate double-page spread (above) from the Sun set the scene for Iain Duncan Smith to be caught with his pants down — not in a disabled toilet this time — twice in one week.

LIE ONE: Iain just loves to claim that Britain is full of inter-generational shirkers:

“often three generations of the same family have never worked”

Except academics have found that this , errr, isn’t true. Even the data used by IDS’ own department gives “clear evidence” that even two-generation-never-working-families are rare. Another study sent researchers out to deprived areas of Glasgow and Middlesbrough looking for such a skiving brood — they couldn’t find one.

LIE TWO: The apposite Sun feature shown above provided a platform for IDS to whinge that the BBC were unfairly targeting him — by using the words “cuts” instead of “reform”:

“The word ‘reform’ very rarely passes their lips but the word ‘cuts’ is always in their broadcasts.”

But according to IDS’ own measure, the BBC provides him the most sympathetic coverage of any media outlet in a cross section examined by Scrapbook — proportionately mentioning the word “reform” more than any other in comparison with the word “cuts”:

IDS media coverage graph: cuts vs reform

While references to “reform” trump “cuts” in all the material we examined, the BBC is the fairest, using “cuts” in 16.7% more web pages than IDS’ prefered word. In contrast, the Daily Mail references “cuts” in 30.5% more articles than “reform”. Even The Sun — from which Duncan Smith launched his attack — seems to prefer the language of anti-austerity campaigners to DWP spin.

And it’s not the first time he’s been caught out using dodgy stats.

  1. bill edmunds says:

    It brings to mind an edition of Clare in the Community where Clare’s dogsbody friend was asked to arrange a protest with kids wearing T-shirts with ‘Stop the Cuts’ on the front to protest about their nursery being closed. Unfortunately an extra ‘n’ was included on each T-shirt.

  2. steve powick says:

    Wow, did this newspaper actually finally discover it’s moral compass? I keep hearing about how people who want to work will be helped but absolutely nothing about those who cannot work through ill health or disability. Yet no newspaper has considered the plight of such people who now obviously outnumber the supposed benefit scroungers…

  3. Since 2008 the Attacks on those on welfare has become relentless. the term Leech, scrounger. lazy, worthless, parasite, not just this government but also the last. look at the words printed in the press to describe people on any form of welfare.
    Its got to the point where a disabled girls mother drove to a layby and killed her and her daughter due to bullying ., in another story a man passed fit for work by Atos dropped dead through his condition. another story a homeless man is kicked to death because the people kicking thought he was a worthless parasite and then you have Liverpool NHS pathway where the terminally ill are starved of meals and fluids so it hastens their death so the bed if freed up. and a councillor who thought it alright to say, All disabled children should be put down at birth, When did we allow the Nazi rhetoric of 1933 to demean one or two sections of society to the point all the above start to happen, when did we stop caring about other people enough so the public finally say no. It was not the poorest in society who caused the financial mess it was the political class and Bankers.

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