• Candidate posted hate group story to UKIP Facebook page
  • Posted to Farage that ‘Jewish bankers dominate world’
  • Claims she was hacked but posts appear over 11 months

Nigel Farage

A UKIP member was selected to stand in local elections despite posting material from a hate group to the party’s official Facebook page. The party also failed to act after the same candidate, Anna-Marie Crampton, posted similar anti-semitic material to Nigel Farage’s page.

Crampton, who was suspended by UKIP after similar messages on a third-party website emerged last week, posted an article from the American Free Press, classified as an anti-semitic hate group by the respected Southern Poverty Law Centre. The story claimed that the British Jewish financier Evelyn Rothschild controls “over half the wealth of the planet”:

Anna-Marie Crampton anti-semitic Facebook post

Six months prior, Crampton — seemingly one of the party’s most active online supporters — replied twice to a post on Nigel Farage’s official page claiming that Jewish bankers “dominate the world … to the detriment of all”:

Anna-Marie Crampton post to Nigel Farage page

Crampton has claimed that her Facebook account hacked — but there is mounting evidence that her login was used to post anti-semitic material over the course of at least 11 months:

  • 16 January 2012 — claims “Zionist banksters [sic] … dominate the world”
  • 31 July 2012 — links to conspiracy theory published by hate group
  • 20 February 2013 — blames Jews for starting WWII and Holocaust

UKIP are desperate to avoid an “expulsion” story before Thursday’s local elections.

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  2. Earthlinggb says:

    I would like to add the following to this. I contacted Nigel Farage’s office (and through his Facebook) to ask pertinent questions regarding UKIP’s and Farage’s opinions on a number of points related to this issue. And before anyone asks, YES I do support what Anna-Marie Crampton has posted (after 5 full years of study of the subject and trawling through both, UK Parliament and Congressional archives) whether or not she actually did post it or was hacked.
    Whatever the answer to that question is, please also take a look at my blog in which I have copied the correspondence between myself and Nigel Farage’s office. I think you will quite readily see that his office is well aware of the reality of the issue. If anyone believes that I have fabricated these emails, I can assure you I have not and they could be produced in their original form (with my name) to anyone who is sufficiently (and formally) interested.

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