UKIP's Anna-Marie Cramption with Nigel Farage

A UKIP candidate has blamed the holocaust on Jews, claiming that World War II was engineered by “Zionists”. According to local press reports, Anna-Marie Crampton wrote on her Facebook — which also contains pictures of her with Nigel Farage:

“The Rothschilds are Zionists. There is a difference between Jews and Zionists. These Psychopaths hide behind and use the Jews. It was thanks to them that six million Jews were murdered in the War along with 26 million Russians.”

Anna-Marie Crampton on "zionists"

Crampton — who will be on the ballot paper in East Sussex whether UKIP sack her or not — also references the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious anti-semitic hoax professing to be a plan for worldwide Jewish domination:

“Read the Protocols of Zion, all you need to know is in there and it’s in their own words”

Is it any surprise that the EDL have announced they back UKIP?

  1. l8in, learn 2 history.

    Seriously, failing that, just pick up a book about antisemitism. She referenced the Protocols of Zionism, a book that was written by antisemitic Catholics attempting to spread fear of a Jewish world conspiracy. It helps to understand the wider history and the semantics of these terms.

    Blaming the Zionists for the Holocaust is like blaming the Byzantines for the Fifth Crusade. It’d be far more accurate to blame the roots of the Holocaust on the Catholic Church or the Russian Empire. But if you’re worried about how to learn more about that period of our history, you could always start by putting down your copy of Mein Kampf.

  2. … but then she recommends “The Protocols …”, and identifies herself as an anti-semite, a nutter, or a very gullible individual. All reasons for keeping her out of Parliament.

  3. @Lucky You’ve assumed an awful lot in that reply. Thing is 18in was pointing out what appeared to be an inaccuracy in the article. An unfairness in the criticism. The implication may have been a defence of the comments made by Anna-Marie, or it may have simply been a sense that they weren’t representing her words properly. You’re coming of as pretty dogmatic if you feel that pointing out an inaccuracy in the criticism is akin to agreeing with the criticised position. Suggesting that 18in is in fact a Nazi because of this is ridiculous and a bully tactic.

    Of course, we should question the truth between this distinction between “Zionists” and “Jews” that Anna-Marie makes, and whether that absolves her of anti-semitism in fact. And of course her conspiracy theories should be exposed as groundless, but completely eliding the supposed distinction between “Jews” and “Zionists” that Anna-Marie tries to make means the criticism in this article kinda misses the mark, and becomes more sensationalist to boot. 18in was quite right to point this out.

    Unfortunately PS is no stranger to such amateur shots.

  4. Lucky,

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was not “written by antisemitic Catholics”. It was originally put together by a member of the Russian secret police from a variety of sources, most of them fictional.
    The principal source was a satirical attack on Napoleon III by a French monarchist.
    Its history is fascinating, although its acceptance as “fact” by Hitler and leading Nazis was a significant factor in the ultimate genocidal murder of six million innocent men, women and children.
    The UKIP candidate is an ignorant racist. I pity her.

  5. I don’t think I’d take her advice or recommendation on anything. Farage is a slimeball who is huddling up with the criminal Murdoch. These two are welcome to each other, but they don’t deserve a public platform for their bile.

  6. Unfortunatley, in this day and age of PC you have to keep this stuff to yourself. Having an opinion that goes against the norm is’nt accepted any more.

    Something interesting I cam across. Supposedly there where 6ml Jews from 1915-1938 and that number never changed in all those years, this acording to the news papers of that time. They needed money, because they where being persecuted during that entire period. The News papers make refference to “the European Holocaust” and talks about Palestine which is now being deemed to be illigitimate. All this in 1936 three years before the second world war. Add to this for the entire 23 year period claims of persicution and requests for money. Does’nt quite add up, have a look on youtube, interesting to say the least, with actual news papers from the days in that period. watch?v=NcXrKnaaJA0

  7. It’s worth remembering that this story appears to have been first reported as fact by the Daily Mail, a paper that has an appalling track record for accuracy and as much respect for the truth as Goebbels. Given the story’s timing and its reporting as fact in what most reasonable people recognise as an extremely biased newspaper gives rise to the suspicion that its origins might conceivably be traced to those who do not want to see UKIP further erode support for Conservative candidates in the forthcoming local elections.

  8. “is it any surprise that the EDL are backing UKIP?”

    I deplore both the EDL and UKIP but this is just factually poor. The EDL are longstanding supporters of Zionism against Palestinians whereas this woman isn’t advocating the opposite…

  9. No-one who cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an historical source can be taken seriously on any subject. If the likes of Anne-Marie Crampton ever get anywhere the levers of power then God help us all.

  10. I think people are allowed their opinions, right or wrong. The fact that social media sites are trawled by newspapers for any little comment that they can pump up into a semblance of a story is typical. The fact is, conspiracy is being demonized and merged with terrorism. The reason, I think, is that the notion that our governments may be ‘conspiring’ against us. The reason feel this way is because they’re seeing a their money (through austerity) being taken off them and handed to the very wealthy. If you don’t believe this is a robbery, just look at the money taken from savings in Cyprus. All of this to get control of individual governments and make us slaves to an ever growing tar ball of debt, when in fact, we should be claiming bankruptcy, arrest and prosecute all the banker responsible. Much like what the Icelandic people did, despite the pressure that I gather they were put under from the USA.

    Just for one minute, forget about all the conspiracy theories. Indeed, there may be a conspiracy to implicate the Jews in all the world’s problems but the facts still remain. The fact that many (if not all) of the main players in US banking/financial sector, government and Hollywood, all all Jews. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s fact.

  11. Bunnyswanson says:

    Edwin Black wrote The Transfer Agreement in the 1950s or 60s detailing the deal which was agreed to in order to stop the international Jewish boycott on German made products, that of which was completely destroying their already collapsing economy due to war and reparations to USA. It is out youtube. Please watch it so you can understand to that everything around us appear to be business deals with collateral damage consisting of lost lives and battered nations.

  12. It’s sad to see all this old, old SH*T again pretending to be politics. It’s hatred and lunacy, nothing else.

    Hitler and the Nazis committed the holocaust. They shared this woman’s beliefs about Jewish consipiracies and hidden cabals of the powerful working to undermine the purity of German blood.

    It’s not surprising to see this sort of thing in UKIP, since they have obviously been infiltrated by the BNP Nazis who are now doing their work inside the organisation and finding idiotic converts.

  13. ” The fact that many (if not all) of the main players in US banking/financial sector, government and Hollywood, all all Jews.”

    Historically Jews have been excluded from many areas of economic activity, either by laws or pure exclusionary racism.

    One of the reasons many bankers are Jewish is that in the middle ages laws were passed banning Jews from any other work, mainly because it was easier to force them to lend to kings and easier to default on debts. Who cared if mere Jews were made bankrupt by rulers?

    That’s the source of that. Similar thing with entertainment. If you are excluded from traditional work by racism, you will find yourself in one of the few areas still open.

  14. micks,

    The EDL only support zionism because it enables and gives support to their own hatred of Muslims.

    That’s the thing about racists. They can change their targets very quickly. It’s not as if they are restrained by any sort of principles. They are motivated by irrational hatreds. So it doesn’t make any difference whether they are currently hating Jews or Muslims or Zionists : they pose a threat to all people they have decided to hate and hate everyone not just like them.

  15. Surely this press release and these comments should have no place in the political process… it only serves to distance the candidate from potential followers.
    Now ask yourself this, do you hate or love her for preaching what may or may not be lies and filth?
    Or are you actually quite relieved that ones like this are their own downfall, with their loose tongues we don’t have to work that hard when figuring out if they are monstrous or not.

    My advice, you wanna win? keep it on the inside.

  16. Being an Anti-Zionist does not make you a racist, Zionists have proven through their treatment of Palestinians that they themselves are animals. Rothschild are the ultimate Zionist and a powerful powerful family……….

    EDL supporting Zionism is a joke the movement has roots with Zionism during its creation

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