The Tories last night selected Andrea Jenkyns as their candidate to face Ed Balls in Morley and Outwood:

“She has spent over fifteen years in senior management working for multi-national companies, including a stint as International Business Development Manager for an executive management training company”

Her bog-standard candidate CV then takes a turn for the surreal:

“She is also a semi-professional singer, having owned her own record label and recording studio alongside periods as Music Tutor and Musical Director at two Performing Arts Academies.”

Cue weird Kate Bush-esque music video:

The Scrapbook team couldn’t help but be reminded of this:

Perhaps she could form a band with Ed Balls on the drums?

  1. What utter, utter shite. Certainly in line with the current unelected Tory junta’s standard of vicious halfwit MPs.

  2. This is genius and much better than anything I’ve ever heard before especially by Dido and Sister Bliss. The lyrical symbolism of this masterpiece is captures in the haunting but true refrain. It is a crazy world,……..(I can’t go on anymore)

  3. “She has spent over fifteen years in senior management ”

    If the Eastleigh debacle is anything to go by this probably means she was an Amway rep. She seems to be a full time councillor, previous a part time music teacher. The latter gig had to go when someone pointed out you’re not actually allowed to work for the council on which you sit. I imagine Ed is pretty relaxed. She has given herself a vote of confidence by standing again for Lincs. Council this coming May. Last time she sneaked in ahead of the BNP by 16 votes.

  4. deckerdudeX304 says:

    I would have loved to comment on the video, but it was ‘private’…..not really that important then methinks.

  5. deckerdudeX304 says:

    Forgot to ask; 15 years in ‘Senior Management’. Anything on the shopfloor/in Despatch/in the warehouse/Quality control/on any machines? Any REAL work experience? Hands-on work in manual labour? Hmm, thought not. Typical of yer career politico now. Straight from classroom into an office at wasteminster and they know it all it seems!

  6. Maybe more people should investigate the reason why Miss Jenkyns has failed to tell anyone that she is currently studying for a degree in politics and international relations… Certainly trying to make out she is something she isn’t..

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