After Scrapbook highlighted false claims that Iain Duncan Smith lived “on the breadline” after he was made redundant in 1989, a previous controversy relating to his life experience seems pertinent.

Back in 2002, the then Tory leader was exposed by BBC Newsnight for lying on his CV. “Dunchurch College of Management” appeared in the very first line of his official biography on the Tory party website. But investigations revealed that he did not receive any qualifications from what was essentially the staff college for his employer GEC Marconi, at which he attended several short courses lasting a few days:

“Newsnight has now spoken to 19 former tutors at Dunchurch. Most agree it is over-emphasising his experience at Dunchurch to describe it in the way he does.”

His bio also claimed he attended the Universita di Perugia in Italy. But this was a lie. He actually attended a less prestigious institution in the same city and didn’t even finish his exams.

Perhaps this could explain his department’s penchant for making up statistics.

  1. The Job Centre regularly tells claimants to “play down” qualifications in order to find work and get any job.
    When confronted that this means lying to a potential employer who, on finding out you’d fibbed would be within their right to sack you, they don’t confirm if you’d be entitled to claim benefits again.
    Now I know why. They’re all liars.

  2. I’m trying to work out why his wikipedia entry gives his army rank as Captain, which as far as I’m aware is false.

  3. I think his army rank is true. He was so spectacularly dim however, they made him an aide-de-camp for a senior officer.

    Keeps him away from the troops as a jumped up bag carrier.

  4. Duncan-Smith is a proven liar and one of the most loathsome individuals among a particularly loathsome bunch of nasties who are trying hard to find moral justification for their own greed and selfishness.

  5. Wikipedia describes him has captain but links to his retirement gazette entry where he’s still Lt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression was that five years out of Sandhurst you either make Capt. or leave. Is that right?

  6. Jimmy, you are absolutely right. It appears there might be another serious anomaly between what Duncan-Smith claims and the actual reality. There are only three entries in the London Gazette which refer to Duncan Smith. These are: –

    1) The Supplement to the London Gazette of 28 June 1977 shows G. I. Duncan Smith being promoted from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant.

    2) The Supplement to the London Gazette of 21 April 1981 shows Lieutenant G. I. Duncan Smith (500263) being removed from the Army’s Active List.

    3) The Supplement to the London Gazette of 12 July 1983 shows Lieutenant G. I. Duncan Smith (500263) ceasing to belong to the Army’s Reserve of Officers on 29 June 1983.

    Absolutely nowhere is this character shown as being promoted to Captain. Perhaps the loathsome individual, G. I. Duncan Smith, is just a plain, old-fashioned confidence trickster?

  7. IDS lies – everyone knows it but like all liars he is the last one to admit it. IDS has lied about his own statistics on benefit fraud, he lies about job centre league tables, he lies about universal credit project, he’s even lied to his own church ( “integral to everything I do” – that would be a great confession to hear!), even his wife must know know that there will be bad news around the corner. Anyway, he is a pathological liar and as such needs to be sectioned and receive psychiatric treatment…. quickly

  8. Kev, you’re right, this man’s military record needs to be looked at very closely. I suspect there may be more of his barefaced lies waiting to be unearthed. The three London Gazettes I have looked at show him being promoted to Lieutenant in 1977; leaving the Army and going into the Reserves in 1981 and the most important one shows him leaving the Army altogether on 29 June 1983, still as a lieutenant. It seems he joined the Army in 1975 and left the Reserves still as Lieutenant in 1983. My understanding is that in 1982 he married the millionaire aristocrat ‘s daughter.

    One thing is certain, he is a nasty, loathsome individual.

  9. Beavan Girl says:

    He would get sacked by any employer for the amount of lies he tells. Liars cannot be trusted so why has CaMoron allowed him to go on in his job? He is seriously mentally ill and should be sectioned for the sake of the country, absolute nutter.

  10. You may be right, but I’ve not come across any evidence that he ever himself claimed to have been promoted.

    As for lying, if Grant Shapps/Michael Green/Corinne Stockheath can be a minister then the bar is set pretty low.

  11. If IDS can live on £53 per week he should be able to say exactly what he would spend it on.

    He has not offered these details -so I don’t believe him.

  12. I dislike liars and despise IDS (which always sounds like an unpleasant disease) as much as any of you, but posts like Beavan Girl’s (‘He is seriously mentally ill and should be sectioned for the sake of the country, absolute nutter’) or Cocteau’s (‘needs to be sectioned and receive psychiatric treatment’) are out of order and diminish the debate.
    I also notice that IDS’s friends (amazing, I know…) are saying he understands poverty because he once visited Glasgow. But the Rev Bob Holman, who showed him around Easterhouse, after being convinced by the toadying godbotherer, has since withdrawn his support. So I guess that’s another lie.

  13. David camaron george osborne together with Ian duncan smith Have two faces to wash in the morning and dont know which one to wash

  14. It seems to be a mixed up world we live in today. the goverment are saying that the cut backs are neccessary for the country to strive for the better. And spend billions on third world countrys and on the EU. we now have our own people recieving food parcels and relying on the church for aid and advice how can this be fair every time you see the TV the politicians roll in and out of downing street with volvos and jags all paid for by the taxman. shanksys pony would help a lot of expence i mean after all parliment is only a spit away or lay on a mini bus for all of them. lets be right David camaron says that every one must do there bit for the country when will he be doing his.

  15. Keith McLean says:

    This man? Has proved himself to be nothing more tha a lying ineffectual sycophant. If his position in the government was not so dangerous he would be pitiable and laughable. How oh how did he come to be in it or remain in it? He does not even appear to be worthy of the oldboy, school tie network! As his constituency predecessor once said ” On your bike!”

  16. Phone this number 020 7854 4243 to report your concern about IDS’ mental health. He is a risk to society and should be assessed. His address is Caxton House Tothill Street London SW1H 9NA and you don’t have to leave your name or number just a message if the office is closed. SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE.

  17. Cameron and Osbourn need someone to blame when it all goes tits up… which it will! While we concentrate on him they continue to rob us blind in the background!

  18. I run a fairly large veterans organisation and nobody on our pages know him. So as for his career, seems it was as successful as when he was tory party leader

  19. am currently appealing a decision by atos ,courtesy of this fraudulent con artist.The blatant lies and wrong information is astounding,and all in an effort to shift the stats. This so-called man is almost a character in a Kafka novel and I never believed that anyone in a democratically elected position could display such open contempt,lies and deceit with no accountability for the vast number who are being intimidated by him and his almost psychopathic targeting of vulnerable people.

  20. Yeah agree with everyone get him in the European court and brought to book everything he and his militia are doing is a massive crime against humanity they need kicked out of office they are worse than those Isis terrorists

  21. It is clear that Mr Smith is a blatant liar and “mission” is “obsession” by another name. Since when did ministers tell prime ministers what jobs they would do and what not? Freud the self-confessed spiv seems to have got away with vile insults and embarrassing the PM for now but is there no MP or peer in the Houses with guts to call for these shabby crooks to be judged on all facts?

  22. Why is IDS in the cabinet? During the dark years of opposition Cameron and Osborne toiled away at their grand strategy of Social Engineering, to take Britain back to a pre WW1 Edwardian utopia, the privileged elite in power, the middle class languishing in smug apathy, turning a blind eye to every thing so long as their property values remain high and the poor being the grist tmo the mill. But they knew welfare reform would be a potential mine field, so they needed a front man but who? How about a serial loser desperate to dine at the top table again, cometh the hour, cometh the mug, IDS. When U.C. goes belly up neither Cameron nor Osborne will stick their necks out, when the axe falls it will be a nice shiny exgrammar scool oiks head in the basket, thats why he’s in the cabinet he’s Osborne’s fall-guy in waiting, Cameron’s EUNUCH!

  23. Richard Goode says:

    A friend I knew had terminal cancer, confirmed by his Ocologist. ATOS insisted he attend an assessment at Croydon and deemed him fit to work. He could not physically attend any Jobcentre meetings. All his benefit was stopped. He died three months later; his death hastened by the appalling treatment by the DWP/ATOS. Dying man tortured by DWP/ATOS…?? Other than dignity he received humiliation.

  24. if this the same g.i. duncan smith that was my a platoon commander in the guards depot in 1978-9 he was unable to control his platoon seargent and 30 school age juniors let alone a majer government department . his platoon sgt was in 1980 court masheled for brutality .

  25. Iain Duncan Smith is a mentally evil narcissist , liar cheat fraud, has wasted Tax payers money on reforms that are killing people , having IDS in charge of the DWP and JCP is like putting a pedafile in charge of a playground the idiot is one sick person who should be in court , his day will come one way or another .

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