• Osborne team say he didn’t see disabled bay but …
  • Massive disabled bays clearly wider than the others
  • Osborne bay marked in yellow — all others in white
  • Just four disabled spaces in park for 234 vehicles

Osborne disabled parking bay

With the Daily Mirror publishing photos of George Osborne using a disabled parking space, evidence gathered by Political Scrapbook brings into doubt his excuse that he was ‘unaware’ where his vehicle was parked.

The disabled bays in which Osborne’s car was photographed at Magor motorway service station are clearly larger than the other spaces in the car park, accommodating the Land Rover with room to spare. The disabled bays — which occupy the area used by six normal spaces — are also distinguished by yellow markings and three lines between each bay.

Perhaps more damning, however, is the fact Osborne was driven past 230 normal car parking spaces to use the disabled ones right next to the entrance.

Osborne disabled parking: Magor Services car park

He took their benefits … now he’s coming for the parking spaces.

Pictures: INS News, Bing Maps.

  1. Peter Thompson says:

    Ah, now it all becomes clear. If the bays were wider than usual then that’s why they parked there. They didn’t want their shiny Chelsea tractor getting dinged from an errant car door.

  2. Frederick Boulders says:

    What an absolute joke this all is, Osbourne got out of the vehicle and went into the store before it was parked, the police officer then parked in the disabled space, Osbourne then came out to find the car parked in that space. It’s a complete non-story, the man is a useless so and so but can hardly be held responsible for that officers actions when he wasn’t even present!

  3. I think that he can be held responsible, Frederick Boulders.

    The buck stops there.

    If his police officer/chauffeur decided to break the law and park in a disabled space, then that feeling of superiority over the rules and regulations that little people have to obey, must have been communicated to him.

    If I were an MP…that is a person employed by us, elected by us to represent them… the first thing I would do is to make sure that my staff realised that they were not to assume that I was in some way a “special case”. My own MSP uses the same doctor’s surgery as I do, and phones for an appointment before 8.30 on the day, as all the rest of us do, despite having, for 4 years, been Minister of Health in our government. That is how it should be. Mr Osborne should park his massive car in the same spaces that ordinary people have to park. Narrow and difficult to negotiate, even for a small car, though they may be.

    These are the hardships that go along with normal life in this country. Until people like Osborne see just how inconvenient life is; just what a pain everything can be, then nothing will change.

    They demand, when it pleases them, complete adherence to rules and regulations. Why would they think that they don’t have to apply them to their own lives, just because they were in the Bullingdon at Oxford?

  4. Didn’t know I was in first class. Didn’t know I was in a disabled bay. Just goes to show why he doesn’t know very much about, say, economics.

  5. He probably thought it was okay to park there because Atos told him there are no disabled people in Britain anymore.

  6. londonstatto says:

    He wasn’t even in the car when it was parked!

    Even for idiot lefties, this is particularly moronic.

  7. @Frederick – If the police officer driving the car had been trained the same way as every other, he would know both the moral and legal implications of parking in a disabled space. That is, unless he was told specifically by the person he was playing chauffeur for, to park there. Osbourne was probably S*!t scared incase someone gave him a kicking.

    @Tris – 100% agree. One set of rules for the super rich, and to hell with the rest of us. But lets face it, we (as a nation) are responsible for letting these jokers run the country, either through not voting or forgetting how bad it was during the Thatcher/Major years and not voting for the only REAL opposition with a chance of beating them.

  8. Mark Greenwood says:

    I wonder if he’s as disabled as many people I see parking in my street (Hope Street, Liverpool) who slap a blue badge into the window and then go sprinting off in their high heels to the local bars or across the street into work at the John Moore’s building

    It seems that no one really actually cares to enforce disabled parking and that’s almost as dissapointing as the sh*ts who abuse the system (fraudently or “accidentally”).

  9. I am disgusted to here that George Osbourne has allowed his vehicle to be parked in a disabled bay, I hold a blue badge and always have a problem in finding a place to park as all bays are full, usually by people like him without a blue badge.
    Some people say he should be fined but whats the point as he will probably claim it back in expenses.

  10. Osborne should face the law for parking in a disabled space. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO DEFENCE. MPs elected to the House of Commons are legislators of our land. Anyone else would be fined for what he did (whether or not driving himself). He should know better before he starts preaching to the rest of society. YOU’RE BANG OUT OF ORDER OSBORNE – WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEE YOU PAYING THE FINE. And just so you don’t forget and get above your station, NO POLITITION IS ABOVE THE LAW – and I so hope many people tell you just that.

  11. He’s taking our benefits, hes taking our parking spaces, what next, is he going to lead us to the gas chambers.

  12. So it seems his defence is that someone else was driving his vehicle at the time of the offence?

    What could possibly go wrong?

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