1. It is in circumstances such as this that one should ask oneself if it is ever right to speak ill of the dead. My own view on this is if we do venture to do so it should be done with great caution as we too must soon follow them and ourselves face our Maker.

  2. jacob sladder says:

    only if you believe in a maker Andrew….personally i find the idea of some level 5 entity pronouncing judgement on my deeds repugnant…and one should not be moral merely out of fear of god..one should be a moral being for the simple reason it makes life easier for everyone…but yeah, she was a monster, but now she’s dead… her family arent..all this joy at her death must be upsetting them dreadfully…

  3. Alan Bennett says:

    Maggie Thatcher is dead. It is such a shame she didn’t take Cameron, Osborne and Duncan Smith with her.
    Still, finally the Devil can finally retire now Hell has a new one!

  4. i am glad the evil bitch is dead. her legacy of poverty and suffering only gets worse, and her legacy of wealth hypocrisy and greed also increases. There is a huge battle to be fought and it may be impossible to win – her revolting political heirs have no intention of distributing wealth or equity, they are like pigs to the trough. i wish they would all die, but the truth is we, the poor the disabled the ill – those not filled with the mania for ‘more’, will be the ones to die. the current government pursues a mutant version of her policies and commits genocide upon it’s own people (ATOS is the devil incarnate). I know because I am one who contemplates suicide every day because thanks to her there is no hope. I live out of spite. I wish it were not so…. she has left a legacy of pain and If there is a hell I hope she burns in it. Anyone willing to kill should use the current government as their first target. They were never genuinely elected, and any politician is firstly the servant of the people – not the boss. those cunts have no right to dictate the life or death of the most vulnerable members of society at their whim whilst pocketing the loot – hatred is not a good emotion, but i hate her and her political heirs for what they are doing.

  5. STANLEY PAYNE says:

    ALL you people who blame Margaret Thatcher for the loss of Jobs in the mining,steel and manufactoring industries are living in cuckoo land it was the trade unions who did the damage in the first place, strike after strike instigated by the union bosses who didnt give a damn about the workers, and lazy workers who wanted more for doing less, we were the laughing stock of the world and She was the one who had to put it right,we could not sell coal or steel world wide because it cost to much to produce, the County was going down the pan fast and nobody gave a damn,it was a shame so many people suffered but a lot of it was of their own making.

    And the mess we are in now is not of Camerons making look to the last Labour Governments Cock ups,who sold our Gold off cheap,who opened the doors to all and sundry,who made it easier and more benificial not to work with the benifit system, we need to look at ourselves without blaming others for the county we have created.

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