The Guardian have launched a mobile appGuardian Witness — encouraging readers to become citizen journalists and submit material directly to their York Way HQ.

The app solicits contributions for numerous stream of content, including one called “The cuts get personal” in which readers submit images showing the effects of austerity:

“How has your life been affected by the UK government cuts? Has a local public service like a library or a sports facility closed?”

The response? Complaints about a lack of exotic holidays and wiring plugs yourself because you “can’t afford an electrician” to do it for you:

Guardian Witness app showcases middle class problems

It is, indeed, Grim Up North London.

UPDATE: Someone can’t afford to buy organic any more. They are forced to buy normal vegetables “that could be GM or anything”.

Guardian Witness: organic vegetables

  1. coming soon….Thanks to Maggie’s cuts I can no longer afford to buy several grammes of the finest Cocaine money can buy. I am forced to rely on Tesco Value Cocaine and or Drain Cleaner. It’s disgusting I remember when you could get go out buy a gramme, get bladdered and still have enough left over for a Rent boy and still have change from ten pounds three farthings. Now I find my spare bedroom subsidy benefits have been cut. Where will it all end…yours Rt Hon Tarquin Ftang Biscuit – Barrel.

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