Daily Mail Thatcher state funeral coupon

Mail editor Paul Dacre obviously never got the memo that Thatcher didn’t want a state funeral, branding it a “waste of money”. Her spokesman Lord Bell told press that were paying attention:

“She specifically did not want a state funeral and nor did her family”

“She particularly did not wish to lie in state as she thought that was not appropriate.

“And she didn’t want a fly-past as she thought that was a waste of money — somewhat in character you might think.”

Those so inclined can nevertheless fill in this electronic version of the coupon!

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  1. A lying in state would be an incredibly silly thing for a divisive person to have.

    Fair enough for someone like Queen Mother. By and large if you worshipped her you’d go along and bow your head; if you thought she was a horrible old soak who spent our money like it was water you’d probably just not go.

    But, as the street parties last night showed, I suspect that an open coffin with Thatcher in it would attract a high number of spitters and egg throwers.

    Unseemly, yes, but likely nonetheless.

    I was a wise decision. But wisdom and Paul Dacre aren’t exactly close bosom buddies. Dacre doesn’t give a stuff what Thatcher or her family want. He wants lots of people to buy his vile rag. He’s a nob. I expect Private Eye will have a field day over this.

  2. It’s not enough. I think LibCon should have a coupon to forward on to Sir Elton John. A grieving Nation demands nothing less than Candle In The Wind ’13.

  3. If the Mail and the Tories want a fancy funeral for Thatcher, they should pay for it themselves. Attlee (a much greater leader) didn’t have one, nor did Eden, MacMillan, Douglas Home, Wilson,, Heath or Callaghan.

  4. I do hope when the bill for the funeral is sent, it’ll go straight to Tory HQ we obviously can’t afford it, there’s a recession on.

  5. scaredofmarkthatcher says:

    Just Wiki’d ‘Mark Thatcher’ to see whether he could afford his Mum’s funeral (he can) but the section on his business career only talks about some loan-sharking he did in South Africa in 1998.

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