Rupert Murdoch with Boris Johnson

Underscoring the closeness between the media mogul and the London mayor, Boris Johnson met with Rupert Murdoch for dinner again in March — and this time he bothered to declared it in his gifts and hospitality register.

Gifts and hospitality register, Boris Johnson

The disclosure of the meeting on the register lends credence to claims that Johnson’s staff staged a cover-up over secret meetings with Murdoch and News International staff at the height of the phone hacking scandal — and in the run up to the London mayoral election.

Last year saw the mayor of London quizzed by City Hall members and the media after Scrapbook discovered appointments which had not been disclosed on the GLA gifts and hospitality register, Boris’ expenses, or relevant reports to the London Assembly.

But he hasn’t got an election on his hands this time.

  1. the online register was mysteriously unavailable on at least two notable occasions last year: after the St Patrick’s day ball gaffe, and on the day of the election itself – until I made a complaint, and the disclosures, such as they were, were magically restored …

  2. A pair of shoes? Outright blatant bribery! Where’s the Fraud Squad? And Interpol? (Foreign shoes, note.) What he really needs is a bottle of hair gel. Where’s Toni? where’s Guy?

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