1. You’re going to get 100 comments now all saying he was wide awake and just thinking something really deep and patriotic.

  2. I don’t think there’s any excuse at all for any elected representative falling asleep on the job. Stephen Pound was accused of the same as have many MPs and MEPs/

  3. The Eussr do not listen to peoples of europe , We do not want to be apart of this ridiculous dictatorship,I do not blame these guys for sleeping as the words coming out of martin Schultz mouth isn’t worth listening to , We are voting ukip so keep trying lab/con/lib you are finished .

  4. Alexandre: If he doesn’t want to listen to what is coming out of someone’s mouth, he should probably give up his incredibly well paid job, don’t you think. For better or for worse he is there to represent the people who voted for him. He’s sleeping, or doing a passible imitation of it. He should be told to sit up straight with his hands on his head.

    He probably drank too much at luncheon.

  5. TRIS: I agree that he should give up his well paid job if he isn’t showing an interest in what the the EU nazis are saying , At least we have elected him to sleep in the european union building unlike the communists that tell us what to do , Schultz,barosso, van rumpoy and many more of the EU dictators have never been elected by the 500 ,000 ,000 people they control , THATS MORE OF AN ISSUE DONT YOU THINK !!

  6. Alexandre,

    If you wish to comment on a British website, please spell your etymologically Greek name patriotically in the Britannic manner. Or are you a scary foreign person? *shudders*

  7. Well Alexandre: They are appointed by people we elect.

    Rather like at least a part of the House of Lords, but not quite. The people in the lords have usually bought their way in in some way or another. Sometimes they have been appointed when the public has rejected them… They lose an election and they are put into parliament anyway (Paten comes to mind).

    I say a part because another part of the House of Lords (the second largest assembly in the world) is aristocratic in the old sense, in that you get to be there because your ancestors were the bastard sons of Kings.

    And of course there is another bunch in there which are put there by a church. A church which only operates in 2 of the 4 countries of the state and is attended by very few people. Utterly unrepresentative of most of us.

    We also have a head of state and her offspring whom no one elected and they get the job for as long as they like. And the job goes with endless privilege and state homes (6 I think) that seems to be discounted from the bedroom tax. The Queen and her son can change laws that affect them in any way at all. Hence recently a bill on apprenticeships in England had to be altered because Buckingham Palace didn’t like it. You can just imagine how Charlie likes that power.

    When you add to that a parliament that is elected by first past the post, a system which skews the actual voting desires of the public so badly that a party like the Liberals get 56 seats on a vote of 6 million and the Tories on a vote of 11 million get over 300 seats, and a whipping system that demands loyalty from MPs on the basis of patronage…

    …. you’ll pardon me if I think that Brits are the last people in Europe to lecture anyone about democratic legitimacy.

    The lazy fat git shouldn’t be sleeping at work. Other people get the sack for that.

  8. This is what our taxes are paying for in our EU representatives?? Disgraceful waste of money. UKIP, I mean.

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