References to a journalists’ children in an attack earlier in the week by @toryeducation shocked even seasoned observers of the Twitter account, which is thought to be operated by Michael Gove’s team:

@toryeducation on Toby Helm's children

Perhaps team Gove should take their boss’ advice. Asked about the prospect of Nick Clegg’s kids going to private school last month, the secretary of state opined:

“I would defend anybody who makes any decision about a child’s education in their interests … I think it’s terrible politics to drag people’s children in and try to make an issue out of it.

“If you try to get party political advantage out of a mother’s love for their child that’s just wrong.”

Assurances previously given to the Observer that tweets from @toryeducation would be “free of its previously abusive tone” turned out to be worthless.

  1. Charter School-one of these dictatorships obsessed with uniforms,appearance,homework,petty rules and exams?

  2. northernheckler says:

    that account couldn’t possibly be Michael Gove – not even he is that stupid. Just a common or garden nasty party troll.

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