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A leading Westminster-based campaign group has been wining and dining the Conservative Party’s finest. The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson reports:

“I’ve just returned from a dinner … for Nigel Lawson to celebrate the silver anniversary his 1988 Budget, a great event with an all-star cast. Two of George Osborne’s ministers — Sajid Javid and David Gauke — were there at the Carlton Club alongside several of the brightest stars of the Tory backbenches”

Carlton Club is a historic component of Conservative Party machinery, indeed:

“The Rules of the Club state that only persons of full age who support the Conservative Party shall be eligible for membership.”

So which organisation hosted this august party political gathering? That would be the, errr, “independent” and “grassroots” TaxPayers’ Alliance.

It’s amazing that they still continue with the pretence.

  1. Bill Edmunds says:

    Sadly none of the broadcasters ever point out their affinity with the Tory Party. Strangely they never have anything to say about Tax Evasion like the Cup Trust and other abuses.

  2. They would naturally be conservative given their remit for smaller government and lower taxes. so showing their “true blue colours” is not earth shattering news is it.

    So what is the problem don’t the Labour party have the Fabians who seem to be generally in favour of big government and higher taxes.

  3. Ken: the point is that the TPA claims to be ‘independent’ and ‘grassroots’, which is clearly nonsense. The Fabians have always been open about their association with the Labour Party.

  4. @coke – if they weren’t independent, then why are the also exposing thrift and waste of the Tory and Libdem Councils up and down the country then??? Don’t let the facts get in the way of a story thouugh eh?

  5. @Bill Edmonds
    Bill I think they do have something to say about tax evasion, not only do they have something to say but they have a suggestion they think will work in reducing tax evasion.

    I don’t know exactly what they say only having skimmed a few posts but their argument is the government need to simplify the tax system in order to prevent companies taking advantage of the loopholes. It is after all our governments who have created the loopholes in the first place.

    The TPA also believe government spending at its current level is not sustainable perhaps that is why those who support big government and high taxes want to vilify the messenger rather than engaging with the arguments.

    You can see some of their thoughts here

    Are we not in danger of missing the point here, government has no money of its own, it is spending our money and by borrowing it is spending our children’s money. At some juncture the whole thing is going to collapse, just pillorying companies who use legal means to avoid tax is not going to solve the problem of government over spending. The problem is not tax evasion but over spending, in an ideal world we would have neither and we would all be better of for it.

  6. Come off it, pickle, the TPA isn’t independent just because it occasionally criticises a Tory Council. They had their booze up at a Conservative club, with Conservative ministers , and their boss is an ex Special Adviser to Conservative MPs and MEPs….

    They are also subsidised by the taxpayer.

  7. The TPA are not affiliated with the Tories, they are happy to criticise Conservatives who are profligate with taxpayers’ money. It’s not exactly a life-changing revelation that a political figure that supports a smaller state with lower taxes is going to be friendly with the TPA.
    Grow up.

  8. Susie Squire says:

    As a former TPA press officer for many years I can confirm that there is absolutely no connection.

    Susie Squire
    Press Officer

  9. Oh yes, Phil. And there were a mere eight Conservative MPs at the TPA’s booze-up, celebrating the anniversary of a Conservative budget at a Conservative club. Very independent..

  10. you have to be a supporter of the Tory party to be a member of the Carlton club. Unless the carlton club have suddenly started party bookings from the general public, it’s reasonable to assume whoever booked this party for the wholly independent TPA to celebrate a Tory budget, with Tory ministers and Tory MPs present at a Tory club was quite probably a supporter of the Tory party.

  11. The TPA basically acts as an outrider for the right wing of the Tory party. Its classic smoke and mirrors. Set up a group you claim is independent. Make the odd criticism of your friends so you can point to that as “evidence” of your independence. Float totally nuts ideas so when your mates in the Tory party put forward ideas that are crazy but not as crazy as yours, they look quite reasonable in comparison. A typically duplicitous technique designed to shift the grounds of debate further to the right.

  12. No wonder you dont like the TPA

    Last year the New Economics Foundation got roughly £300,000 from the UK taxpayer, the European Commission gave the Institute for Public Policy Research £800,000 and the Foreign Office gave £190,000 to Bruegel, a fervently pro-European think tank in Brussels. Why is the Government funding Labour’s intellectual foot soldiers?

    We also need to take care not to act as a head hunter for Labour. Under the last Labour Government, the proportion of politically active public appointees aligned to the Labour Party increased from 32%, to almost 75%, according to the Cabinet Office. Yet despite the change of Government in 2010, that figure was still 77% in 2011/12. The proportion of Conservatives appointed was 14%. Recruiting more Labour folk to jobs in quangos does not help the long term strength of the Conservative alliance, because these are the quango bosses of the future.

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