Bad smell

Conservative councillors in Brighton are up in arms after someone left a poo on the floor of their City Hall office. According to the Brighton Argus:

“The excrement was found on the floor of the unlocked second floor office on Thursday and reported immediately … Only people with a swipe card or official visitors who have to sign in at the front desk can access that part of the building.”

Worryingly, the news comes just six months after a turd was found heated in a microwave used by council workers in another building.

As it has not been established whether the faeces was human or animal in origin, it remains a possibility that a councillor may have, errr, “lost their deposit” on the floor of the opposition office.

Tory member Dawn Barnet suggested the culprit was a political opponent:

“We understand there’s always a few digs from other parties and opponents but this is disgusting.”

At least it wasn’t a smear campaign.


    Cameron at last is getting the message that Eastleigh was
    not a Midterm blip nor a tactical vote but a very weary Public telling the
    Tories it’s time to go .His reassurance that he will not vere to the Right has
    fallen on deaf ears ,it’s almost like saying Hitler was a Moderate Left
    .Welfare Reform ,Unemployment ,Secret Courts ,Privatisation through the back
    door ,how Right can you get .He says the Tories need Rebranding does that mean
    more smiles and bigger lies .The Whole Parliamentary System does not need Rebranding
    or an Overall but Scrapping and a New Democracy Born .EU and American influences
    have decimated all social cohesion within Britain and the Politicians answer ‘look
    after number one’.www.brokenbritainundertories

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