Eastleigh candidate Maria Hutchings

The Conservatives’ candidate in the Eastleigh by-election has even more extreme views on abortion than Nadine Dorries, it has emerged. Maria Hutchings told an interviewer that she wants to see the legal limit for terminations slashed to “ten weeks”:

“I am a pro-lifer and would have voted to reduce it as far as possible.”

Contrast this with Dorries position, which was to run a “realist” campaign for to reduce the limit from 24 to 20 weeks. But even Dorries dream statute of 12 weeks is longer than Hutchings’.

Dorries told Mehdi Hasan:

“If anybody else wants to take the vote down to 20 weeks, I’m very happy to hand the baton over. It will not be me who takes a vote down to 12 weeks. My campaign is for 24 [down] to 20.”

As if the Tories weren’t struggling with women voters already.

  1. Creeping Americanisation of discourse. Polling evidence suggests that in the UK, unlike the USA, women voters are most pro-life, with a plurality supporting a cut in the time limit. it is men who are strongly pro-choice.

  2. John, that looks like a survey of voting intentions to me, I can’t see anything about abortion.

    ‘Pro-lifer’ = insane fundamentalist Christian, nobody else gives a flying ****.

  3. Scroll through, it is near the end, yougov issue polls are usually in an omnibus style (which I would argue makes them more reliable).

  4. don'tpatroniseme says:

    Here here John. Usual case on the left of men dictating to to women what they think women want. Just as the middle class dictates to the working class what they think the working class wants.

    A young(ish) woman Labour activist and CLP secretary speaking here who wants abortion stopped completely.

  5. Mainly a reply to the previous post:
    Just wanted to point out that many women are pro abortion, both young and old.. So it is not all men dictating…
    Frankly polls are a bit odd anyway as its the stronger viewed that answer them.
    Most of the other girls my age, 20s and younger, except Catholics are very pro choice. I’m sure a lot of women are against too, however it’s not fair to say the men are dictating to us..

  6. I wasn’t even making a point one way or the other on the issue, just that when it is framed as a “women’s issue” like it is seen in the US, that’s completely out of whack with actual British public opinion, where women are twice as likely as men to want stricter abortion laws.

    I don’t think with proper polls like YouGov it’s fair to say ‘the stronger viewed answer them’, it’s a detailed poll of a statistical sample on a range of issues, not a button on a newspaper website.

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