Chris Huhne’s political corpse is still warm but the coalition hostilities in Eastleigh (and Westminster) have already begun — starting with Tory attempts to knife a potential Lib Dem candidate.

In the last few minutes, activists have had an email from the Tory HQ campaigning department asking them to man phone lines to Hampshire from 6:30pm tonight. Those, err, lucky enough to be there for what is euphemistically described as a “fun night” on Monday will be joined by Grant Shapps and his predecessor as party chair, Eric Pickles:

“I am pleased to announce we will be joined at the Call Centre by Eric Pickles Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Party Chairman Grant Shapps. Both will be hitting the phones from 06:30pm and it would be great if you could join us in what should be a fun night of canvassing.”

Scrapbook hears Michael Green will be making an appearance too.


  1. Zzzzzzz…….

    Nice to see that you left his email address blatantly obvious in the middle of the email.

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