1. A cardboard cut-out of Maria! Bliss! It’s fitting though, because if she were elected, she could join all the other EU cardboard cut-out MPs in Parliament.

    Otherwise a very good hustings and well organized by 38 Degrees.

    The only insanity was the woman who tried to rewrite the English language. She made one of the most ludicrous assertions I’ve ever heard, i.e. that we are ALL immigrants! Poppycock and deception! This is just one of the ways our ruling elite are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

    For those who don’t know the definition, an “immigrant” is defined as a person who settles in a foreign country. How many of you reading this were born in the UK? And if you were, would you call yourselves “immigrants”? By the way, before you start attacking immigrants, I am an immigrant myself.

    Certainly when political activists start trying to distort the very meaning of words, you know that UKIP has hit a raw nerve. Possibly for this reason alone, UKIP deserves to win.

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