How do you solve a problem like Maria Hutchings?

The Tories’ candidate in Eastleigh appears never to have run a company — despite repeated claims that she is a “business woman”. Searches of records held by regulators indicate that gaffe-prone Maria Hutchings’ has never have been a director or to have held shares in a company for which she works.

Perhaps anyone who has worked in the private sector can follow Hutchings’ lead and describe themselves as a “business man” or “business woman”:

“I’m a straight talking business woman and mother of four who lives in the local area.”

Her current employer is a human resources consultancy owned by the former chair of Eastleigh Conservatives. Despite the “business woman” spin, however, Hutchings never took a stake in the company, which was formed just eight months ago.

Tory HQ have also taken to name-dropping prominent companies in connection with Hutchings:

“Maria has worked in the Communications Industry for twenty six years. Her clients have ranged from small businesses to blue chips such as EMI Records, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Texaco. Her specialisms in communications are recruitment and new business development.”

But her CV suggests she hasn’t worked for any of these household names for at least 16 years. The last time she worked for Texaco or EMI would appear to be in a four-month stint at a recruitment advertisers in 1986twenty seven years ago.

There is one former client of Hutchings’ employers which, funnily enough, doesn’t merit a mention — the Labour Party (of Malta).

  1. Sunday Telegraph 24/02 ” The Cole Morton Report ” – ” I say exactly what I think ”

    ” She caught David Cameron’s eye back in 2005 by daring to step out of the audience at a TV chat show and handbag the Prime Minister of the day , Tony Blair . Clutching a photograph of her son , John Paul she demanded to know what the PM was going to do for children with special needs .

    Mr Cameron saw something in this former Labour supporter that he liked , and put her on his A – list of preferred candidates . Mrs Hutchings was selected for Eastleigh , moved her family here and has spent 5 yrs building up a local profile “

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