Lib Dem International Women's Day rally

Top Liberal Democrats linked to the cover-up of alleged sexual harassment by former party chief exec Lord Rennard are to  address a party rally on, erm, International Women’s Day. In an ironic turn of events, the gathering on “meaningful gender equality” will be addressed by Nick Clegg, who despite previous denials was forced to admit he had known about Rennard’s behaviour for five years, and women’s minister Jo Swinson, who has been accused of “not acting” over allegations.

Page 24 of the party’s spring conference guide:

The Liberal Democrats and our predecessors have long championed this agenda. Whether it be in the campaign for women’s suffrage, legislating to recognise economic and legal rights, demanding equal pay, fighting for the right to choose, and challenging continuing discrimination and barriers to equality.

One barrier to equality being an alleged of a “sex-for-favours” culture in which female candidates and staff were pressured into sex.

The training event ‘Staying out of jail’ also makes a reappearance on page 30.

Too late for Chris Huhne, though.

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