Nick Clegg on LBC radio

Nick Clegg’s version of events on the harassment allegations against Lord Rennard is unravelling at an alarming rate. The deputy prime minister had previously claimed that his office were informed of “general concerns” regarding the party’s chief executive in 2008.

But with a former Lib Dem MP revealing she told the deputy prime minister about Rennard’s behaviour when he became party leader in 2007, Clegg was forced to defend himself on a radio phone in this morning.

His poor attempt to account for this gap is already being likened to Richard Nixon:

“I can only tell you the truth as I can recollect it now”

And it got worse, with caller “Cathy from Dulwich” turned out to be, errr, Cathy Newman from Channel 4 News, who seized on his admission that Rennard didn’t simply resign as chief executive for “health and family reasons” as claimed at the time. LBC producers didn’t seem to be impressed, however, and cut her off before she could follow up.

If it looks like a cover up and smells like a cover up …

  1. yes it’s a cover up on so many levels. Not just Cleggs lies (we are used to them by now) but the whole story has been placed to distract from the loss of the triple A credit rating, the retention of which Gideon told us to judge him on. That and the fact the Tories culd be beaten into 3rd place behind UKIP in Eastleigh if it goes badly for them, shows the tory hand behind ths press.

  2. @LondonStatto

    Journalists love stories first and foremost, and ideas of “right or wrong” don’t really enter into it.

    They are mere pawns in this game.

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