Lembit Opik wrestling

Publicity hungry philanderer Lembit Opik is to participate in a wrestling match outside Parliament. The spindly-limbed former MP will take on a champion heavyweight wrestler in a bid to highlight the case of a controversial “kill or be killed” self-defence guru who has been banned from the UK by the Home Office.

Opik has already organised a series of Skype conferences for MPs with Tim Larkin, who trains his clients in “the lethal application of force”. While Larkin attempted to charm MPs with his “peaceful way of the warrior” philosophyScrapbook can only assume someone in the Home Office is wise to his scaremongering sales techniques and guidance on how to gouge out someone’s eye:

“You’re not going to touch his eyes with your fingertips — you’re going to put your hand through his skull, driven home with your entire mass. You’re going to get your hand wet to the second knuckles in his eye sockets.”

The stunt will be the third time Opik has entered the ring since he was dragged into one still wearing his suit (video below) after deciding to pick a fight with an 18-stone gentlemen going by the name “Kade Kallous”. Opik was stretchered away with cracked ribs after facing Kallous in a  “rematch” in June of last year.

A pantomime for credulous children, a “professional wrestling” ring seems a most suitable venue for Opik’s particular brand of attention seeking.

VIDEO: Opik thrown into ring after claiming wrestler is cheating:

VIDEO: Receives cracked ribs during “rematch”:

  1. @Justin: The press release is what piqued our interest in this. But it’s lazy to call churnalism without bothering to understanding the differences between an initial press release and coverage downstream.

    Our piece here actually scrutinises what Tim Larkin is about — sourced with links. That’s 45 minutes of my time spent trawling through his ‘Target Focused Training’ website and other material.

    Churnalism indeed.

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