Jacob Rees-Mogg

Defending the coalition’s controversial bedroom tax this afternoon, North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg found himself arguing that council tenants should sub-let their spare rooms:

He doesn’t seem to know much about coalition housing policy:

Prison for sub-letters

With plummy-vowelled Jacob receiving rental income from a Somerset farmhouse and a property in London, it seems as though “David Cameron’s worst nightmare” is doing enough letting of his own.

  1. Sub-letting for the most part refers to letting out the whole house to someone other than the official tenant. Taking in a lodger is not the same as sub-letting and is allowed by at least some councils and housing associations.

  2. This is just plain wrong. Secured tenants have the right to take in a lodger as do many assured tenants with their housing association’s permission (which cannot be unreasonably be withheld).

  3. After seeing Mr Rees-Mogg on tv, i have come to the conclusion that he along with other well off, toffee nosed Conservative MPs have no idea what this tax will do to ORDINARY working class people in this country.
    They have never had to live on benefits and dont have an inkling as to how hard it is to make ends meet.This Bedroom Tax will ruin lives, rip communities apart and cost more in administration than they think.
    With no smaller housing available,no job prospects,if you are in Social Housing and receive Housing Benefit you are classed as lepers by this Government
    The likes of Mr Rees-Mogg live the life of privilege and along with his chums in Westminster dont give a damn for anyone but themselves , it makes you thoroughly ashamed to be British.

  4. Lucy O'Sullivan says:

    It is legal, but any money earned is deducted from your other benefits and how does this help people who need the spare room for medical equipment? Clean rooms for self administered medical procedures such as feeding through a bag? how does it help the single father who only has access to his children if he has a spare room for them to stay and is now being charged for the privilage of helping to raise his kids? Should his vulnerable young children share the room with a stange man? Even family members have been known to interfere with young kids and youth and age are no insurence against it.

    If there is a class war then it was instigated by the government, taking constantly from those that can afford it least while giving tax relief to the rich and ignoring the 15.2 billion in tax fraud and evasion in this country every year.

  5. Mr Mogg is a prat who hasn’t a clue. nobs like him run this country. that’s scarey.
    he poor paying for the incompetence of the rich, namely bankers.

    You wonder why revolutions happen with people like him talking crap.

  6. Yeah, great idea. Let’s set the clock back a hundred years to when families lived in a single room. This elitist buffoon has nothing to offer the average British citizen and his Neolithic values are painfully anachronistic.

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