Maria Hutchings confronts Tony Blair on channel Five

Just hours after the Conservatives confirmed Maria Hutchings as their candidate in the Eastleigh by-election the party find themselves firefighting controversy flowing from an incident in which Hutchings ambushed Tony Blair during a 2005 TV debate.

Hutchings had to be manhandled back to her seat after rushing the podium during a filming of channel Five’s The Wright Stuff. When quizzed by reporters afterwards the candidate made unsavoury remarks about asylum seekers:

“I don’t care about refugees.”

Shouting at the then prime minister, Hutchings had alleged that her autistic son’s Essex special school was to close — but it later emerged that no such plan existed.

She later explained she took inspiration from Sharon Storer, the woman who confronted Blair outside a Birmingham hospital in 2001:

“It was the only way I could get his attention and become his Achilles Heel in the way that that lady was in the last election”

In a by-election that is shaping up to be a crucible of an intense interest from the press, Hutchings may regret telling reporters that ambushing politicians was:

“the new way to get issues into the media”

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

  1. Nothing new in who the Tories select. Racists, homophobes, haters of the poor and disabled. Just another nutter we see everyday from the nasty party. Perhaps with the other bunch of loonies, UKIP, the Tories felt they too had to select a clown.

  2. “Nasty Party”? Really? Blair oversaw more deaths of innocent human beings than Cameron has. Short memories, eh.

  3. Ian: she has a severely autistic kid. I very much doubt she is a “hater of the disabled”. She just disagrees with you

  4. Frank Sinclair says:

    “Nasty Party”? Really? Blair oversaw more deaths of innocent human beings than Cameron has. Short memories, eh.

    Still Cameron always got a chance to catch up, what with all them exciting new wars that might go on for generations in that there north Africa.

  5. ”There will be no british boots on the ground in Africa” he said.
    I really don’t think he should have said that somehow:/

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