Daily Mail spread on Vicky Pryce

The Daily Mail has appeared to suggest the ethnicity of jurors in the Vicky Pryce trial had bearing on their failure to reach a verdict yesterday.

Their spread on the case runs on pages 4 and 5 of this morning’s paper. Alongside a news article and a comment from Melanie Phillips headlined “Do we need IQ tests for juries” is a box entitled “Eight women, four men … and no clue”. It begins:

“Of the eight women and four men on the Vicky Pryce jury, only two were white — the rest appeared to be of Afro-Caribbean or Asian origin.”

The fact that one of the jurors may have been a Muslim was also a problem for the Mail:

“At least twice, the court finished 30 minutes early because a jury member had a ‘religious observance’ to keep.”

Vicky Pryce trial Daily Mail

Just when you thought they couldn’t stoop any lower …

  1. So the Mail’s analysis of a broken trial is based purely on race and religion. Hardly surprising. When the Daily Mail recognises that all humans are, well, human, it will no longer have a reason to hate and will then implode. I can wish, can ‘t I?

  2. KBB81,

    No the Daily Mail is suggesting that the if the jury was more white, more male and passed an “IQ test” (have the right ‘education’)

  3. I doubt the Daily mail ever thought their rantings about non-UK / non-white people would ever raise an eyebrow. Now is the chance to raise the profile of this monogamistic Tory scum platform.
    I have completed jusry service, and it is hard work making a ‘correct’ judgement. What has the likes of the Daily Mail have in respect of this. The newspaper is a liar and thief at the best of times.
    Thanks for posting your detail.


  4. Geraint,

    No, the Daily Mail is suggesting that if the jury were more white, more male, less Muslim, more public-school-educated and wore ties it would be better for justice. I love how the report expresses surprise that the non-white jury members had no trouble speaking English (but then slyly implies that they probably couldn’t read or write it).

  5. Teifion of LLandover says:

    I never realised that jurors weregiven lots of notes and papers they had to read – as this is the case (sometimes) then surely being able to read and write IS an important part of the process, to suggest that is NOT racism.
    PS The racist DM was the only paper I remember that named those guys who got off the murder of a young black guy in London and pushed for a re-trial

  6. The same Daily Mail who had so many positive things to say about Hitler before WWII? ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts’ is one of their most famous headlines.

  7. Teifion of LLandover says:

    I do LUV the so called socialists and defenders of free speech and the haters of racism believing in censorship, that free speech is NOT free speech unless its “granted” to those people you might disagree with.
    I suggest we close down all the papers that aren’t “lefty” and right on & burn them eh guys:)

  8. Why is it you can never criticize a right wing paper without some nutter insisting you’ve called for it to be closed?

  9. I put an advert in the national newspapers for training courses in the IT sector (CISCO Bangalore). The Daily Mail refused the advert because the courses were ‘foreign’. When I called the advertising Dept, an embarrassed representative could not explain more and hung up.

  10. Thank you Teifion for just showing once again that right wingers just make stuff up. No-one is suggesting that the Mail be closed down, just that it’s vile and racist.

  11. I’d be cool with the Mail being shut down. And “freedom of speech” is the last refuge of the indefensible…

  12. I was on holiday in Paris when I read the story about the Pryce trial being stopped because of the juror lack of understanding. I was attempting to discover which news tabloid the jury obviously read, believing it to be the Daily Mail.
    It seemed the natural tabloid to be read by those less fortunate who have just learnt to read, but need guidance on why they do not have a job, an who they should blame this time. As we know the Daily Mail blames anyone apart from themselves for all of the problems in society. All disabled are deemed lepers on the state resources, all out of work are scroungers, and now if you are non-white you must be an immigrant, and unable to speak British. All of those who are non-British are immigrants stealing the UK working jobs etc etc.
    Incidentally, the Daily Mail is one of the bigger thieves, in copyright infringement of other peoples work. Maybe one day they will own up to this and pay a reasonable amount for their thieving when they do get caught in the act.


  13. All the lefty nut-jobs immediately assume that ethnicity was the problem – but of course the problem was a cultural one.

    Or do the lefties agree with the mail that the 10 out of 12 ethnics were stupid?

    Being politically correct is *so* difficult these days n’est-ce pas?

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