A councillor who claimed that disabled children “should be put down” because they “cost the council too much” has finally resigned after coming under intense pressure from colleagues and officials. Collin Brewer had refused to step down from Cornwall County Council, offering the excuse that he “was probably a little bit het up” when he ranted at a charity worker after a meeting.

“I know people will be delighted that I have resigned.”

As rules of thumb go, Katie Price commenting on a political issue is a good a measure as any that it has gone mainstream. The former glamour model asked Brewer whether he would like to “dispose of” her son, who suffers from autism and partial blindness:

The charity whose member of staff was subjected to the tirade welcomed his decision — but couldn’t resist pointing out that the “apology” from Brewer took eighteen months:

“We believe Councillor Brewer’s decision to step down is the right one.”

“It is a shame that it took a formal investigation and 18 months to force the apology we eventually received.”

Astonishingly, he’s seriously considering standing for council again in three months’ time.

  1. Doubting Thomas says:

    This is a foretaste of what some of Nigel Farage’s 2000 County Council will be like. He’s already had to disown one in Kent. That should wipe the smirk off our saloon bar boy’s face.

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