A councillor in Cornwall has refused to resign after saying that disabled children should be “put down”. At an official event designed to network council members with equalities organisations, Colin Brewer approached a stall operated by a disabled charity and told them:

“Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down.”

Details of the incident, which occurred in 2011, have only now come to light after a standards committee forced him to send a written letter of apology to the organisation running the stand, Disability Cornwall.

The independent councillor’s excuse?

“I had come to their stall after a long council meeting and I was probably a little bit het up as we had had some difficult debates.”

This scumbag is currently taking home nearly £14,000 in allowances courtesy of the taxpayer (not including expenses).

  1. Because it has only just come to light Lois as stated in the article. Do you have a problem with someone being brought to task over comments like this? Or do you honestly believe that an apology, no doubt forced, suffices?

  2. I am old enough to have lived during the whole of World War Two and I remember Hitlers propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and Himmler and thier infamous Final Solution, when they exterminated millions of Jews,disabled men women and children for the sake of a pure Aryan race.This councilor should face charges of preaching genocide and removed from his post asap…the vile sick man..

  3. Sam Barnett-Cormack says:

    He said it to “provoke a discussion”, did he? Well, that wasn’t well thought out. For that to even occur as something to say in this situation is just appalling.

  4. That’s shocking. Reminds me of the comments of UKIP Cllr David Potts of South Tyneside who said that ‘sick and lame people’ shouldn’t be allowed NHS treatment.

    Unfortunately the Localism Act doesn’t allow for standards committees to dismiss or demand resignations from Cllrs anymore.

  5. Sheila Amies-Byron says:

    This is what the nazis were all about. We fought a war to stop people like this mouthing their disgusting and evil views. He certainly, if there is any justice left in this country, should be arrested immediately, put on trial and thrown into jail and the key thrown away.

  6. How disgusting! As a disabled person born in the 1950s, when “political correctness” didn’t exist, I know how it feels to be ostracised and belittled. People like him should be forced to spend time with disabled kids and adults to make him realise what a dreadful thing it is to be forced to live with something totally out of our control. Does he honestly think we like being this way? He should not be asked to resign, but sacked, with no recourse to his, probably vast, pension!

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