As Chris Huhne pleads guilty in his speeding ticket trial, here are some of Scrapbook’s favourite photos of the former energy secretary:

Chris Huhne on the motorway

Hear no evil on the motorway

Chris Huhne with a speed camera

Have I seen you somewhere before?

Chris Huhne with police (cropped version)

Chris always loved back seat driving

  1. Athelsatn,

    Were his lips moving?

    Couldn’t have happened to more deserving politician. He has inflicted so much damage on the British countryside.

    Happy day.

  2. May he rot in Wormwood Scrubs, preferably for a very long time. Can’t think of a more deserving person for it happen to. And they’ll tear him limb from limb (good…).

    What is it that gets into these people’s heads, knowing that they are guilty of the offence he had committed, to think it is O.K. to be pictured in the media doing this kind of stuff.

    Is it hubris?

    Do they think they are too big to get caught?

    Are they utter strangers to the truth?

    What planet does this guy come from? How can he look himself in the face in the mirror in the morning without throwing up?

  3. @ Sue – yup. I’m not sure what kind of relationship he had with his mother but it’s kind of standard practice for sons, in exchange for Sunday dinners, nagging, laundry services, taxi action that sons don’t really get involved in schemes to have their mum’s banged up in chokey. Epic fail.

  4. Lets be fair, he could afford someone to drive him anyware he want to go.
    He’s ended up loosing everything, just like when someone that get band for speding.

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