As Chris Huhne pleads guilty to perverting the course of justice in his speeding ticket trial, Scrapbook notes the Crown Prosecution Service sentencing range:

Perverting the course of justice

The sentence could be suspended …

… but changing his plea late on won’t have helped the former energy secretary.

UPDATE: We hope he likes porridge

  1. John Bellingham says:

    How come Perverting the Course of Justice only has a max tariff of 3 years? This is the crime that kept the Kray’s, Richardson’s and others out of the climk for years. It stopped the corrupt cops who blocked all the prosecutions for porno-broking being done over. It is the act used by generations of policemen to fit up their enemies and exonerate their mates. Perverting is jury-tampering, witness intimidation, falsifying evidence—sometimes worse than the original crime itself. With the current regime a perpetrator sentenced to the maximum could be walking about claiming jobseekers after 12 months and someone line Huhne dealt with softly with, say 12 months, could be lurking around our houses within four months.

  2. We should only lock people up that are a danger CH is not. He should just pay a very large fine proportionate to his assets. That is enough deterent. Judges can be law junkies who have had a lifetime of training and think the law is the b all and end all. The law is there to serve society not ruin peoples lives. This is a middle ages approach that will be frowned upon in centuries time. I am more disappointed in CH for being a complete liar.

  3. It’s a serious offence and a prison sentence is both inevitable and justified. Having said that the sadistic glee attending the destruction of a man’s career is something I would more readily associate with the right wing blogosphere. I’ve never had much enthusiasm for feeding frenzies. We’re supposed to be the nice ones.

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