Tories in Davos

While David Cameron and George Osborne were snapped “loudly taking the piss” out of Boris Johnson in a Davos restaurant (pictured above) last week, it seems the London mayor also enjoys a joke at the expense of his fellow Bullingdon alumni. According to a report in the Express, Boris is fond of boasting to pals that his salary — thought to exceed £400,000 — is bigger than that of David Cameron’s and George Osborne’s combined.

The private remarks fly in the face of his previous claim that the money he receives for his Telegraph column is “chickenfeed”. Boris’ mayoral salary alone exceeds that of the prime minister, who takes home a paltry £142,500. With his £250,000 column included, his regular guaranteed income comfortably dwarfs that of both Cameron and Osborne, who earns a mere £134,565 as chancellor.

  • Mayor of London — £143,911
  • Telegraph column — £250,000

With his other interests, however, Boris is thought to trouser well in excess of £400,000 per year:

  • Harper Collins book contract — ???
  • Mail on Sunday book reviews — ???
  • Spectator diary columns — ???

Out of touch much?

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