Having dipped their toes back in the waters with a 2010 stage play, Yes, Prime Minister writers Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn are bringing Maggie Thatcher’s favourite TV programme back to our screens after twenty five years. You can tune into Gold tomorrow night at 9pm if you have Sky (Channel 110) or Virgin Media (126).

Thick Of It fans may recognise Jim Hacker, played in the clip above by David Haig, as ‘Rt Hon Steve Fleming MP’ — the man who sacked Malcom Tucker.

But with the series running on a BBC-owned cable channel designed for showing repeats of classic Corporation output, do commissioners in White City suspect the format has tired in comparison with the offerings of Iannucci et al?

  1. As a fan of the original series, the stage play was horrible. The setup was quite a racist joke about a Middle Eastern diplomat requesting an underage prostitute – a challenging topic for a light comedy, and one that just made the audience feel uncomfortable. And while the series gently pushed a small-state Thatcherite message through humour, the play contained numerous long dialogues consisting of pure right-wing dogma and no jokes (iirc the subjects were climate change, the BBC and the EU).

    Maybe this could be forgiven if the rest of the script was funny, but sadly it wasn’t. One to miss imo.

  2. I dont see how they will be able to touch the original. I see they have Steve and John Dugan from the Thick of It as the lead actors. How are they going to recreate Humphrey particularly and his eloquent way with words? I just don’t see it.

  3. We must acknowledge that the writers – old now as they are – know more about how Westminster works than any of the millionaire Ministers working in it. Were I a Minister, I would watch it avidly.

  4. The new series was utter rubbish, an awful laugh track, unfunny jokes, bad pacing and the whole thing felt very foced. Also, most of the characters all just felt wrong, Bernard seemed too wet, Humphrey didn’t have his way with words. It just didn’t work.

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