A food bank and Chris Steward (inset)

A Tory councillor who caused outrage with his claims on poverty is to visit a food bank “to see how they work”. Chris Steward, who works as a stockbroker, said that there was no real poverty in the UK and that food banks gave scroungers more money to spend on fags ‘n’ booze:

“The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget … or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.”

Steward has since eaten humble pie, withdrawing his remarks and apologising:

Good to see the penny finally dropped.

  1. He’s not just any old Tory councillor : he ‘s chair of York Conservatives (although he looks like a spoof Tory from a TV comedy).

  2. @ Cole looks if he’s been pinching pies from his boss ” Uncle Eric ” ( to the Tories ) Pickles – unbelievable arrogance …very out of touch

  3. in 2015 the torys will be history due to there greed&arrogance under the torys real poverty is now out of control while the rich get tax cuts the poor pay the price.scrounging torys!! its 2013 not 1813 making the poor suffer good old tory values .what next workhouses?

  4. As prices rise all round, my income might just be going down due to a new tax. The less i spend on bills the better, but this is not the case. If my outgoings keep rising, i have less for food. Food prices are rising all the time, i can only cut down on so much. We do not have expense accounts, a high salary, or working conditions which are up to much. Yet many expect us to do as much as those who are better off. If they need more money to live that way, could they explain to us on less how to achieve the same outcomes.

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