A food bank and Chris Steward (inset)

A Tory councillor who slammed food banks as an unnecessary indulgence which giving the poor “more money to spend on alcohol” works as a stockbroker, it has emerged. Chris Steward ranted on Twitter:

“There is certainly no need for food banks; no-one in the UK is starving and I think food banks insult the one billion in the world that go to bed hungry every day.”

Apparently, food banks merely facilitate the consumption of fags ‘n’ booze:

“The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget … or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.”

According to the York City Council register of members’ interests, Steward works for Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers — surely a safe vantage point from which to criticise those unable to make ends meet.

Chris Steward, stockbroker

A record number of people are using food banks set up by the Trussell Trust, which was the target of Steward’s foul rant. A Trust source told reporters that service users are far from his caricature of feckless scroungers:

“They’re not necessarily people who are welfare dependent. They’re working families but can’t afford to buy their way out of hard times.”

There is one York councillor who certainly doesn’t look as though he needs their assistance.

  1. Absolutely atrocious comments. More proof of how cruelly out of touch the Tories are. And yes, looks like he’s not been short of a few meals!

  2. Sheila Adams says:

    Is this Pickles’s son?..The resemblance is amazing..Or maybe they’re both fat Tories who live off the fat of the land while the peasants starve..Either way, they’re both disgusting and should step down from office..This also shows what the Tories really think of the poor..I’m unemployed, but can’t afford to drink,have sky telly, and while I do smoke, it’s only roll ups..However, the majority of MP’s eat and drink in the commons at the taxpayers expense..Wonder if I could claim tax back from that?..

  3. Nevita Forrest says:

    Its always folk that have far too much and are out of touch with the world that makes such FOOLISH INSULTING claims about folk who less fortunate!

  4. ManwithaView1 says:

    Redmayne Bentley are the stockbrokers for customers of Royal Bank of Scotland bailed out with TENS OF BILLIONS from the Treasury (taxpayers). So he is only working because of us….

  5. Linda Hudson says:

    Mr, Steward looks like he has not just his own portion in life, but he has everyones portion too!
    It has been suggested that overweight welfare claiments should be forced to the gym, or lose benefits!
    Obese and unfit M.P. and councillors should also be forced to the gym, the British voters deserve fit and able members of government and councils too, and cannot afford to pay for those going sick through their unfit lifestyles!

  6. He does have a point though, there is a section of benefit claimants that consider not working a vocation, sky tv, fags, alcohol, bookies, and daily visits to the pub/club as a right , these people need to have benefits stopped and instead of cash paid to them, and payment for living given as a object not cash, eg the heating supply is supplied, food parcels, cloth parcels, it should never be a benefit to work, more a hand to get you through a tuff time, if they aren’t happy at that cut them loose, too any hand outs make them lazy, benefits should never be better than working.

  7. Geoff, the proportion of people who live in the way you describe is minuscule. And can you image what leads a person to prefer to live on £70 a week and endless intrusion into their time and privacy?

    “Cut them loose,” and then what? What do you suggest we do with people who are cut loose from society? What do you think they’ll do as a homeless person with no access to money? Should we just cut to the chase and execute them? Or what? Seriously Geoff, *what do you think will happen to these people*? Remember that we can’t transport people who steal bread to the colonies any more.

    The point of the left is that we can deal with a little bit of complexity, because life is complex. It involves thinking through your own argument. Try it.

  8. Hey Geoff,i don’t know what part of the country you live in but please tell because if on £70 a week i can go out t every day to the pub,go clubbing every night,have Sky T.V,live on a diet of fags and booze and still have a little left over for a flutter at the bookies i want to move there,sounds ideal.Wow,where i live £70 is hardly enough for a half decent night out never mind the life of leisure you describe,
    Seriously though,after you have put a tenner on the Gas,a tenner on the electric,paid your T.V licence and water rates,bought a bit of food and put a bit aside for your bus fares to the job centre and job interviews you are not left with a right lot for fags and booze mate,think about it.This reminds me of that joke.A banker,a daily mail reader and a benefits claimant are sitting round a table and there is a pack of ten biscuits for them all to share.The banker takes 9 of them and turns round to the daily mail reader and says “Careful,that scrounger is after your biscuit”

  9. Add to that his use of the UDA’s motto on his twitter account then clearly the party’s detox programme is at an end.

  10. Don’t know this wally from Adam but looking at his picture above I wouldn’t have expected anything more sensible from a guy with no ears – would you?

  11. I guess it would be easier for people to afford food if only their employer, you know, paid them. Now what kind of duplicitous organisation would engage interns and expect them to do all the work of their dipsomaniacal unionistas and not pay them a bean? What kind of scum would do that?

  12. Susie Skinner says:

    It is a worry that the Tories persist in this ridiculous public persona of uncaring rich plutocrats. Most people go into politics with a genuine desire to make life better for everyone – how does that aim get so corrupted? We all know about the poverty trap – once you’re in it, it’s a downward spiral and sometimes all that’s needed is a small helping hand, like a food parcel. I know.

  13. Aldous Andrews says:

    He admits he is a stockbroker on his Twitter page – the same page where he ranted. Hardly scoop of the century. Thought you were better than this kind of ‘revealed’ nonsense.

  14. If you wish to send him a message you can send it to chris.steward@redmayne.co.uk or call him on 0800 542 0055. Details which are freely available on Redmayne Bentley website. Lets see if he becomes to much of a hot potatoe to handle for this company and he then finds himself in a similar position as those he’s so quick to condemn!

  15. Reminds me of the character on the fast show i think it was…….”I’ll have the fois grois…….and a deep fried mars bar….”

  16. Yet another fat,obese,overweight tory who is completely ignorant of the REAL world bring him here and let him live on our money for 1 year,not 1 month then see his fat drop and i bet he would then be very glad of a food bank.gggrrrrrrrrrr,

  17. “Lets see if he becomes to much of a hot potatoe to handle for this company”

    Spiteful and illiterate. A winning combination. Have you considered joining the party yourself?

  18. This is a clear example of the Tory ideaology the sociopathic party of the uk! totally and utterly bereft of any human policy, just look at this jabba the hut genetic dustbin city broker on two obese legs and heart failer{please with any luck!} waiting to happen, to make CONTEMPT INTO A VIRTUE for the poor and less well off is EVIL! The tories are inherantly facist and their sado masochistic polocies must be stopped in the same way hitlers regime was, these nazi,s are an abomination against all decent facets of humanity, the only thing left to eat will be the rich.{eat the rich,movie on youtube,check out!} and this sweater looks like he has already eaten eric pickles or used him as a tooth pick.

  19. ..well, ok, gimme vouchers, in return, i want to ring-fence my taxes. no trident, no coloniaism in the middle east (or elsewhere), no subsidised bars for mp’s, no second homes allowance (we have the i/net) no parasitic royal family, no lords, fuck me this could take all day…

  20. Unfortunately food banks are open to abuse and the only people that I know , that have used them are drug addicts and smokers . So as much as I hate to admit it , he isn’t completely wrong .

  21. Read the quote! He says there is no reason to be *starving* in the UK which is correct, drawing on a comparison to the 1bn he cites. I’m fortunate to have travelled the world. During those travels i have seen real starvation. Poverty in the UK just doesn’t come close and to pretend it does is disingenuous.

    Why dont people read and consider carefully before firing-up and jumping on the outrage bus?

  22. Hahahahaha, is he jealous coz he can’t get too all that free food for him self , like most politicians mps whatever u wanna call them , we pay for them to go to work as thay claim it back as expenses !!this i think is wrong as thay get payed way to much for doing a job that a monkey could do!! fact not fiction people!! the public pay for everything thay f##kup on and fat cats like him keep getting richer an fatter!! Bet he’s never given too a world aid or any sort of charity,we the public pay way to much for mps who lie there way into power an then change there polices once there in power,backstabbers in my book, parliament should have normal working class people in there having there say,nothing should be a secret,A PROMISE IS A PROMISE,U LIE UR OUT..FUNNY HOW WHEN RAVING LORD SUCH GOT into power he was found dead the next day!!!!!!!!! SUSPECT IN MY BOOKS PEOPLE,JUST LIKE DIANA’S DEATH??

  23. The increase in the numbers using foodbanks has been deliberately manufactured by the Tories; it’s their replacement for crisis loans.


    “While researching crisis loans I stumbled across a coalition government consultation paper issued in February 2011 stating the government’s intention to abolish the social fund, and instead give the money, un-ring-fenced, to English Councils who could refer people to community schemes (citing the Trussell Trust Food Parcel Service) rather than giving people crisis loans.

    I had come a full circle. Hadn’t the minister told me that only those refused crisis loans would be given vouchers for food parcels? And here was the government proposing to abolish the social fund. . .in which case wouldn’t everyone who currently qualifies for a crisis loan get just a voucher for a food parcel in future? How many people would this affect?”

  24. I will be “apparently rude” here-I must say that I havent read all the above comments-I am commenting only on the original article. The guy is a fat and rude rich kid from a sheltered upbringing and I, for one, cannot stand these people telling us what to do, think-or telling us what we are, it`s a living nightmare. How did our generation become so laid back as parents that we let these young bully boys get in power? We nappied them and they tell us to eat the contents.

  25. Atos scandal: Benefit bosses admit over 1/2 o people ruled fit t work ended up destitute http://t.co/3mb9him9EY #ESAendgame

    Now, what was that about no poverty in the UK? Tory minds are most often little minds which, together equals closed, bigoted and ignorant mindset.

    Increasingly this condemn government (HA) resemble a table of drunks pitching about their pet hates….without a scrap of sense left in any one of them. They ignore the will of Parliament, push thru their unconsidered, non-risk assessed “policies” then probably hit the bar for a few drinks of tax-payer-subsidized drinkiepoos. One breakfast at the House of Parliament dining cost us £200+. Who had it? Well, he’s the one determined that his pet project, benefit reform(I know, I know, destroy benefit is more apt) will be all online this inglorious year. And he pointedly ignores all reports telling him it isn’t going to work! Closed mind?

  26. They should stop giving money to the unemployed, credit card would work just as well. No fags or booze would be purchased.Company,s could reduce prices the for the unemployed using the it. I do not believe that the unemployed are all there by choice. people who think that it is easy being unemployed should give it a try for a couple of months . Maybe all people who did not vote last polling day will next time ,We do not have to put up with this uncaring bunch of twats in this government .Vote them out . Put them on the dole .
    But don,t give them food packs .

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