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Local Conservatives are in open revolt over plans to bar councillors from the Local Government Pension Scheme. Having backed savage cuts to the hilt, leading Tories have changed their tune now that they themselves are affected  — with one former county council leader slamming Eric Pickles’ plans as “nasty and vindictive”.

Naturally, the Tories have invented a panoply of other reasons why it’s bad for them to be on the receiving end for a change. Step forward council leader and Local Government Association rep Gary Porter, who told LGC that it was all about “ordinary people”:

“I’ve always supported the removal of barriers to ordinary people becoming councillors and while a pension may not be much of an incentive, being eligible for one is one less disincentive to standing.”

Meanwhile former county leader Shona Johnstone pleads: ‘Won’t someone just think of the young people?’

“This will not save much money and it will deter quality younger people from becoming councillors.”

The DCLG minister charged with pushing the changes through, Brandon Lewis, explains that the government:

“did not believe that taxpayer-funded pensions are justified [because councillors were] not professional, full-time politicians, nor should they be encouraged to become so”.

He should probably have a word with some of Boris Johnson’s appointees, for whom the road to City Hall was paved with paid appointments worth tens of thousands of pounds.

  1. Councillors are paid today when in the past, it was a voluntry thing. I can see where paying a councillor for doing council work is ok, but a pension?
    Most councillors, town, parish etc do not get paid even expences. But County councillors should only get expences for travel to meetings. This is not a job as most of them simply go along with council officers reccomendations. As many are in seats for life, its a cash cow for the useless in most cases.

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