Nick Griffin in shadow

Thankfully, it’s not Scrapbook’s responsibility to watch hour-long Nick Griffin speeches. That burden falls to extremism analyst and academic Matthew Goodwin (@GoodwinMJ), who picks out some bizarre Griffinführer quotes from a speech given to activists in Coventry over the weekend.

“Yep, me and the kids ate road kill once.”

Attempts to secure a share of £335,000 European funding aren’t the only financial issues preoccupying Britain’s leading apologist for fascism:

“We are going to begin collecting scrap. Have you any idea of the price of copper?”

“Minivans really are very cheap”

“I would say, buy the time you put in fuel and get pork and chips it’s £100 an outing”

Indeed, he certainly leaves no stone unturned in looking for a solution to the party’s money problems:

“Every local branch should have an eBay officer”

And, naturally, he set aside some time for some good old fashioned racism:

“When things fall apart, when it’s just us and them, where are people going to get their minicabs from?”

You can read more over at Matthew Goodwin’s Twitter.

  1. We should all be grateful he is the leader of the BNP, if they had somebody who was above average intelligence we might be worried.

  2. I’ve never had the chance to try it, but I don’t see what’s so shocking about eating roadkill. Obviously, there’s a bunch of caveats about the state of the meat (if it’s been driven over surely it has to be a no-no, likewise if it’s been there for a couple of days) but carefully butchered and cooked it should be okay. The comment does nothing to rid the party, and Griffin in particular, of its brain dead hick stereotype, though.

    I’d love to see what sort of tat a BNP eBay officer would try to sell.

  3. Ian they would sell BNP stuff that is made in Malaysia or Hondurus. British jobs for British workers they said…

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