Luke Bozier

A company founded by Luke Bozier has been shut down by regulators for failing to submit accounts — after confidently predicting revenues of more than £5,000,000 per year. The news comes as the sometime business partner of Louise Mensch sits on bail pending on suspicion of viewing or possessing indecent images of children.

Following in the footsteps of CholertonShand and Red Narrative, Political Press Ltd becomes the third company run by Bozier to be struck off and dissolved by Companies House in this way. Political Press is thought to be the legal vehicle for Bozier’s Municipo software aimed at local government.

In a presentation prepared for potential investors in the US, Bozier boasts that the service could “save American taxpayers $1bn over the next decade” and that the business would have a turnover “in excess of $8,000,000” within five years.

Municipo claims of profit by Luke Bozier

Municipo claims of savings by Luke Bozier

Louise Mensch is certainly not the only credible figure to be taken in by Bozier. Kevin Doran, the managing director of a Brussels-based public affairs firm, was somehow persuaded to take a 20-percent stake in the venture and features in a slide on the Municipo “team”. Naturally, Bozier repeats his favourite lie that he was “Head of New Media for Tony Blair”.

Kevin Doran in presentation by Luke Bozier

And the hat trick of failed ventures could yet become four. A London-based tech site reports:

“The Kernel understands that Twitter rival Menshn, which has been struggling to acquire and retain users after a launch marred by ridicule, is being shuttered after a wave of negative publicity centred its the former co-founder”

“A source close to Louise Mensch told The Kernel that the site will be taken down in the new year, following a three week notice period for existing users.”

Fond of invoking entrepreneurial jargon, Bozier certainly seems to have taken the Silicon Valley mantra of “fail fast” to heart.

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